(Norely) Essay #3- first draft

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Essay #3: Language Latitudes Outside of the United States   The language/dialect I have chosen to write about is Haitian Creole. This particular kind of Creole is spoken in the beautiful region of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The entire population of Haiti (7 million people) speak Haitian Creole. There about 10 to 12 million people on earth who speak

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Malekie Green Reflective Essay #3

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Jamaican Patois is a dialect of English mostly spoken by people in the Caribbean country of Jamaica. Most if not all if Jamaica’s citizens all speak this dialect primarily and will even continue speaking it should they choose to move to a new country. Patois is commonly referred to as “broken English” by both Jamaicans and people seeking to learn

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Linguistic Landscape, Malekie

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This is the banner of my local Chinese food store at Farmers Boulevard in Saint Albans Queens. The the sign is mostly in English, the name of the store is Chinese (though the words uses the Latin alphabet rather than Chinese characters). The sign is simple with it’s purpose, letting anyone who passes by know the name of their restaurant

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Linguistic Landscape – Norely

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a) where was the picture taken? -Public Restroom in Pier 17, Seaport b) what language(s) are used? -English, Chinese and Spanish c) what do the signs say? – The sign is asking civilians to not stand on the toilet seats when using the restroom and demonstrates the proper way to sit on the toilet.

Isaac Reflective Essay #1

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I was born and raised in New York City, and while I have lived in nearly every borough, I can confidently say that I’ve lived most of my life in Queens. My parents both spoke five or more languages and would most certainly have wanted me to be at the very least trilingual. Despite the aforementioned, I am really only

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(Norely) Reflective Essay #1

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Norely Rivas Professor Garcia ELL 101 Reflective Essay #1 October 1, 2018   I consider myself as a Dominican American. I was born in New York, NY but I was mostly raised in the Dominican Republic. My first language was spanish. I picked up some english phrases from my older siblings before attending school. I was always made fun of

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(Daysi) Reflective Essay 1

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“Not all speakers of a given language speak the same” Growing in an English and Spanish home brought up who and when and how should we speak both languages. My father always said that in school I’ll eventually learn my English so why not learn Spanish at home and what he said was what concluded. Being Hispanic in our society

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Language & Society Discussion

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While the “Language & Social Variation” reading gives us a clear definition of concepts and terms, the article “Can one person’s speech be better than another’s?” presents examples, and especially many questions. After the readings and our discussion in class, how would you explain and/or describe “Standard American English”? Is there a “correct” way of speaking/writing? What does “correct” mean?

(Xavier) Reflective Essay #1

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Language can shape your views about different people, but in a bad or good way? Can language mean high status or low status? People might think that their language is high status and might think that other people’s language is low status. In a certain situation can speaking in a unprofessional way or using slang make your language low status?

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