(Norely) Essay #3- first draft

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Essay #3: Language Latitudes Outside of the United States   The language/dialect I have chosen to write about is Haitian Creole. This particular kind of Creole is spoken in the beautiful region of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The entire population of Haiti (7 million people) speak Haitian Creole. There about 10 to 12 million people on earth who speak

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(Norely) Reflective Essay #2 Draft

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Linguistic Landscape Linguistic landscapes can be found all around us. You may not notice them as often due to the fact that they may be things that you see every single day, especially when live in a location like New York City. Here is a linguistic landscape I discovered during a trip to the manhattan side pier with my niece

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Linguistic Landscape – Norely

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a) where was the picture taken? -Public Restroom in Pier 17, Seaport b) what language(s) are used? -English, Chinese and Spanish c) what do the signs say? – The sign is asking civilians to not stand on the toilet seats when using the restroom and demonstrates the proper way to sit on the toilet.

(Norely) Reflective Essay #1

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Norely Rivas Professor Garcia ELL 101 Reflective Essay #1 October 1, 2018   I consider myself as a Dominican American. I was born in New York, NY but I was mostly raised in the Dominican Republic. My first language was spanish. I picked up some english phrases from my older siblings before attending school. I was always made fun of

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Language Myths

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Myth #11: Women tend to talk more than men. I disagree with this language myth for many reasons. Women have always been identified as social gossipers, always wanting to know what’s going on with the people around them and know all the juicy details about everyone’s lives and are known to spread rumors about the information they know based on

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