Language & Power

Inés/ October 26, 2018/ Class discussion/ 5 comments

This week in class we have discussed the relationship between language and power. We did spend more time with Tannen’s article, but could you relate the multiple definitions and relationship of language and power presented in Talbot et al. introduction (Monday reading) and Tannen’s work? who do you think gets heard and why?

Language & Society Discussion

Inés/ October 1, 2018/ Uncategorized/ 6 comments

While the “Language & Social Variation” reading gives us a clear definition of concepts and terms, the article “Can one person’s speech be better than another’s?” presents examples, and especially many questions. After the readings and our discussion in class, how would you explain and/or describe “Standard American English”? Is there a “correct” way of speaking/writing? What does “correct” mean?

Language Myths

Inés/ September 24, 2018/ Uncategorized/ 2 comments

After our discussion in class – pick one language myth and write a post about it. The blog posts are an opportunity to explore, expand and question your ideas and thoughts, at the same time that you are reflecting on your experience. They are a low-stake assignment, you will be evaluated based on clarity and depth of content, not based

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