Reflective Essay Xavier

Xavier/ December 3, 2018/ Reflective Essay #3/ 2 comments

Language, there are a lot of languages all over the world and they could sound different or similar to others. I speak English and it is my only language but learning about another language is very interesting to me, being able to hear how those talk in the language and the sounds they make with their mouth. I’ve heard French

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(Xavier) Reflective Essay #2

Xavier/ October 24, 2018/ Reflective Essay #2/ 2 comments

Have you ever seen a linguistic landscape in your neighborhood or elsewhere? For the past three days we have been talking about and looking at examples of linguistic landscapes, they can inform us about the neighborhood in many ways such as Demographics, relationships, identity and social practices. These landscapes can tell us a lot about your neighborhood or others by

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(Xavier) Reflective Essay #1

Xavier/ October 1, 2018/ Uncategorized/ 3 comments

Language can shape your views about different people, but in a bad or good way? Can language mean high status or low status? People might think that their language is high status and might think that other people’s language is low status. In a certain situation can speaking in a unprofessional way or using slang make your language low status?

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