(Daysi) Reflective Essay 3 draft

Daysi/ December 6, 2018/ Reflective Essay #3/ 2 comments

Daysi Perez Reflective Essay 3 (draft)           The language that I will be discussing in this paper is going to be French, the so called language of love. I have chosen to explore this language more because of the simple fact that growing up my father told me to learn another language other than Spanish, which

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Daysi (Linguistic Landscape)

Daysi/ October 15, 2018/ Linguistic Landscape/ 0 comments

This picture was taken on Roosevelt Ave. The languages here presented are English The sign shows signals, the name of a trade school and its address, it shows the rules for parking, graffiti, traffic signals, and also it shows banners to show propaganda of some sort of website.

(Daysi) Reflective Essay 1

Daysi/ October 1, 2018/ Uncategorized/ 2 comments

“Not all speakers of a given language speak the same” Growing in an English and Spanish home brought up who and when and how should we speak both languages. My father always said that in school I’ll eventually learn my English so why not learn Spanish at home and what he said was what concluded. Being Hispanic in our society

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The English language is deteriorating.

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I believe that the English language is deteriorating because as we may not seem to all agree it slowly is. The English language is deteriorating into slang, misused words, improper abbreviation, and mistakes in general found all over the web. The crazy part is that we are all doing it and seem to accept this when in reality it’s not

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