Lizbeth – linguistic landscape,LS

Lizbeth/ October 30, 2018/ Reflective Essay #2/ 1 comments

This linguistic landscape was taken at Roosevelt ave & 81st, I picked this one because it has Spanish and English. This area is well known for the Hispanics that live around here and that’s one of the reasons why the majority of the signs are in Spanish. This area is also known for the advertisement of lawyers. Lawyers for immigration

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Isaac Reflective Essay #2 [DRAFT]

Isaac/ October 29, 2018/ Reflective Essay #2/ 3 comments

The sign I have chosen to discuss is a vinyl sticker on a car. The sticker contains only text, which is in white, and reads “Yo Soy Boricua, Pa’que Tu Lo Sepas!”. This quote translates to “I am Puerto Rican, just so you know!”, and is in a large, cursive font. The symbol is monolingual (Spanish), and is located in

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(Norely) Reflective Essay #2 Draft

Norely/ October 29, 2018/ Reflective Essay #2/ 2 comments

Linguistic Landscape Linguistic landscapes can be found all around us. You may not notice them as often due to the fact that they may be things that you see every single day, especially when live in a location like New York City. Here is a linguistic landscape I discovered during a trip to the manhattan side pier with my niece

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Language & Power

Inés/ October 26, 2018/ Class discussion/ 5 comments

This week in class we have discussed the relationship between language and power. We did spend more time with Tannen’s article, but could you relate the multiple definitions and relationship of language and power presented in Talbot et al. introduction (Monday reading) and Tannen’s work? who do you think gets heard and why?

(Misha-el) Reflective Essay #2 Draft

Misha-el/ October 25, 2018/ Reflective Essay #2/ 3 comments

It was hard for me to find a multilingual sign around the neighborhood I live in currently (Deer Park, Suffolk County). I’ve lived in the city my whole life up until recently so I wasn’t to familiar with the linguistic landscape myself, but I realized that at my job we have customers that come from all over the world because

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(Ahmed) Reflective Essay #2 Draft

Ahmed/ October 25, 2018/ Reflective Essay #2/ 3 comments

Ahmed Shehada ELL 100 10-24-18   Linguistic Landscape Language is displayed all around us in all types of way. Some of the most known ways would be through signs such as shop windows, commercials, posters, official notes, and traffic signs. There are also other forms of signs but people tend to not pay attention to the linguistic landscapes around them.

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(Scott) Reflective Essay #2: Linguistic Landscape

Scott/ October 24, 2018/ Reflective Essay #2/ 3 comments

The sign that I decided upon for my linguistic landscape is located on 90th Avenue in Jamaica, Queens on the window of a small convenience store (also commonly known as a bodega). The languages that are utilized are English and Spanish in equal amounts which makes it a multilingual landscape. The window poster itself is a three panel spread. However,

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(Alisia) Reflective Essay 2

Alisia/ October 24, 2018/ Reflective Essay #2/ 2 comments

Linguistic landscapes in our neighborhoods can tell us what a neighborhood is like. Linguistic landscapes can be as simple as a sign saying trash. The way that the signs are presented and the languages on them can give you can insight of the community. The linguistic landscape I chose was of the entrance of a church. This church is located

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Malekie Green Reflective Essay #2 Draft 1

Malekie/ October 24, 2018/ Reflective Essay #2/ 3 comments

        In my prominently English neighborhood there’s a single Chinese food restaurant called “Kim Po”. The store is located at Farmers Boulevard in Saint Albans Queens, not too far from where I live. My reason for choosing this sign (besides the fact that it happens to be one of the only signs near my house that’s in

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