(Daysi) Reflective Essay 3 draft

Daysi/ December 6, 2018/ Reflective Essay #3/ 2 comments

Daysi Perez Reflective Essay 3 (draft)           The language that I will be discussing in this paper is going to be French, the so called language of love. I have chosen to explore this language more because of the simple fact that growing up my father told me to learn another language other than Spanish, which

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(Norely) Essay #3- first draft

Norely/ December 5, 2018/ Uncategorized/ 2 comments

Essay #3: Language Latitudes Outside of the United States   The language/dialect I have chosen to write about is Haitian Creole. This particular kind of Creole is spoken in the beautiful region of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The entire population of Haiti (7 million people) speak Haitian Creole. There about 10 to 12 million people on earth who speak

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Reflective Essay Xavier

Xavier/ December 3, 2018/ Reflective Essay #3/ 2 comments

Language, there are a lot of languages all over the world and they could sound different or similar to others. I speak English and it is my only language but learning about another language is very interesting to me, being able to hear how those talk in the language and the sounds they make with their mouth. I’ve heard French

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