Reflective Essay #3 Draft

Ahmed/ November 30, 2018/ Reflective Essay #3/ 2 comments

Ahmed Shehada The language I chose to research about is Arabic. To be more specific about the Arabic language which would be South Levantine Arabic. Levantine Arabic is mostly spoken in Palestine and Jordan. One main location this language is used in is in a city in Jordan called Amman. Arabic is a common language spoken in the Middle East,

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(Abigail) Reflective Essay3

Abigail/ November 29, 2018/ Reflective Essay #3/ 2 comments

There are many Spanish dialects. Out of the many options I have to choose from, I am going to speak about Castilian dialect in Spain. Castilian Spanish dialect originally came from the north central part of Spain. Castilian Spanish refers to a standard kind of Spanish. I chose to write about this Spanish dialect in Spain because I believe it

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(Scott) Language Attitudes Outside of the United States

Scott/ November 29, 2018/ Reflective Essay #3/ 2 comments

When people first think of Korea, one of the first things that come to mind is the divide, tension, and relationship between the North and the South, or…..BTS. However, it is almost common knowledge that with this divide comes two completely different variations of the Korean language. Within these variations of the North and South Korean language, are the many

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Language Attitudes of Haitian Creole speakers as perceived by Dominicans 

Jessica/ November 28, 2018/ Reflective Essay #3/ 2 comments

Jessica Tabares Professor Ines Vano Garcia ELL 101 November/27/2018 Language Attitudes of Haitian Creole speakers as perceived by Dominicans   Haitian Creole also known as (kreyòl ayisyen) comes from 18th century French with influences from Spanish, Taino, Portuguese, English, and West African languages. Haitian Creole was made by African slaves when they came into contact with French settlers during the Atlantic slave trade. This slave trade took place In the

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Malekie Green Reflective Essay #3

Malekie/ November 28, 2018/ Reflective Essay #3, Uncategorized/ 3 comments

Jamaican Patois is a dialect of English mostly spoken by people in the Caribbean country of Jamaica. Most if not all if Jamaica’s citizens all speak this dialect primarily and will even continue speaking it should they choose to move to a new country. Patois is commonly referred to as “broken English” by both Jamaicans and people seeking to learn

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(Lizbeth) Portuguese

Lizbeth/ November 28, 2018/ Reflective Essay #3/ 2 comments

Portuguese is one of the major languages of the world and  there’s something about it that really interests me so that’s why I decided to do more research about this language. Portuguese is spoken in Portugal , Galicia also has a language closely related to Portuguese, but I decided to focus on Brazil specifically. There’s  a lot of stereotypes and

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(Alisia) Reflective Essay 3

Alisia/ November 28, 2018/ Reflective Essay #3/ 3 comments

There are many variations of Portuguese. The two that I will be focusing on are Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese. Brazilian Portuguese is spoken in Brazil while European Portuguese is spoken in Portugal. According to data collected at a Canadian University, some students argued that one version, European Portuguese, is a language while the other, Brazilian Portuguese, is a dialect.

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(Manisha) Reflective Essay #3 Draft

Manisha/ November 27, 2018/ Reflective Essay #3/ 2 comments

Almost all over the world, all regions have their own accent and/or dialect. The United States, China, India, Australia, even England. These two terms do not mean the same as many believe. An accent refers to the way a person says something that’s different from the standard way of saying it. A dialect refers to a whole new version of

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(William)Reflective Essay #3

William/ November 18, 2018/ Reflective Essay #3/ 2 comments

Even though there are many Japanese dialects, the Japanese that is taught over the world that is considered is the Tokyo dialect. And because of this. people harder every notices the second biggest Japanese dialect known as Kansai dialect. People in Japan usually calls Kansai-ben but there are more formal ways in say it like “Kansai hogen” or “Kinki” dialect.

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