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What language/dialect have you chosen for reflective essay #3? Why did you choose it? What do you expect to find? (your hypothesis)

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  1. The language i have chose is french. i chose this language because french is almost like Spanish so i think it will be an easy language to learn. i expect to learn the difference between how people in France speak french VS how people in america speak it.

    1. As we talked in class, French is spoken in many places – think about where? any specific dialect?

  2. The dialect I have chosen to focus on is Cockney English. I chose this dialect because I was curious to see how the upper class in England perceived those that spoke Cockney English because I know this dialect isn’t something that is spoken by the upper class. What I expect to find is how the speakers of Cockney English are looked at, possibly they are looked down upon, and find out the reason why.

    1. I cannot wait to read more about this!

  3. The language dialect I choose is the Kansai dialect from Japan. I’ve always thought the Kansai dialect has it’s unique way of speaking out different words but at the same time keeping the context of the conversation correct. In languages that uses characters instead of letters, context matters the most to have the conversation make sense. Kansai dialect also has been really not noticed by other since the Toyko dialect as the main Japanese dialect that is taught over the world.I expect to find article talking about how the Kansai dialect is friendly, loud, and aggressive. Even though being loud and aggressive speaker might not be a good thing, this is because they talk to everyone like they are already close friends.

    1. This sounds really interesting!

  4. The language I’ve chosen to write about is Jamaican Patois (pronounced paw-tu-ah. I choose this language (or dialect if you will) because it is the method of speech that I have heard since my birth. My entire family line comes from Jamaica, as such they all speak primarily Patois. What I expect to find is how the world views Patois and why I keep hearing it in media (even by people who have no clue how to speak it).

    1. I would like to know more about this! BTW: What does “method of speech” mean?

  5. The language I have chosen to research is German. Specifically how people in Germany who speak formal German perceive those who speak German in Austria. I chose this language because my mother is German and has told me that people who speak German in Austria are highly stigmatized. I expect to find multiple variations of the language German (mostly lexical) that are nearly exclusive to Austria.

    1. is formal German a dialect? German has many dialects… which one are you going to focus on?

  6. The language and dialect that I have chosen for my essay is the Jeju Island dialect of the Korean language. I have no idea why I chose this, completely random. But now that I think about it, Jeju Island is an interesting place (for other reasons), and that is also the next language I intend on learning, although it is the Seoul dialect instead. I have no expectations in my findings other than the differences between the Jeju Island dialect and the Seoul dialect and reasons why they differ.

    1. I cannot wait to learn more about this!

  7. The Language I have chosen is french because my girlfriends grandfather speaks french and it sounds like Spanish but I think that that makes it interesting to me. I expect to find many things that sounds the same and also how people that speak french can speak it different in many places.

    1. Xavier you need to be mre specific about your language/dialect. French is spoken in many places – make sure to read the questions for essay #3 again.

    2. Belgain french is what I will be talking about in my essay.

  8. The language/dialect I chose is Haitian Creole. I decided to choose this dialect because though one side of my family speaks it, I was never taught to. I’m expecting to learn about the various different versions of creole, where else it spoken and the similarities/differences between them.

  9. The dialect that I decided to write about is the Gyeonggi dialect from the Korean language. I’ve always found the Korean language interesting and that’s why I decided to focus on Gyeonggi, which is one of the most prestigious dialects from north Korea.

  10. The language I chose is Brazilian Portuguese in Brazil. The reason I chose Portuguese is because it sounds very similar to Spanish and I’ve always been interested in learning it. I will focus on the difference between Brazilian Portuguese and Creole Portuguese.

  11. The dialect that i decided to write about is South Levantine Arabic. The reason I chose this language is because it is my language that I use and I would like to learn more about it as well. Levantine Arabic is spoken in Palestine and in the western area of Jordan.

  12. The language that i chosen to write about is Japanese. The reason why i chose it is because I hear it on a daily basis and I’m interested in learning more about the dialects in Japan. While researching, I found a dialect called Tohoku that is located in the north-eastern part of Japan. Tohoku is a dying dialect due to the fact that Tokyo Japanese, a more popular way of speaking Japanese, is spreading due to the influence of television shows hosted in Tokyo.

  13. The language that I have chosen for reflective essay number 3 is French. The reason behind it is because during middle school, high school, and my first years in college I took French and I loved it. They say that French is the language of love but I want to know what else they say or even if it is true. Of course I expect to find that not only in France do they speak french, so I would want to know where else besides Canada do they speak French.

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