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This linguistic landscape was taken at Roosevelt ave & 81st, I picked this one because it has Spanish and English. This area is well known for the Hispanics that live around here and that’s one of the reasons why the majority of the signs are in Spanish. This area is also known for the advertisement of lawyers. Lawyers for immigration and for personal injury like this one.

Even though this is a bilingual sign , the dominant language of this linguistic landscape is Spanish , because the targeted audience is Spanish speakers. They use black for both languages, but sometimes you would see in certain linguistic landscapes a language in a more vibrant color. Usually they would used a more outstanding color to show the dominant language, depending on the area where the sign is.

What I found interesting was that around Roosevelt there would be more linguistic landscapes with colors like red , yellow and blue, which they probably do that so the audience feels a certain connection or just to grab the attentions since they are bright colors.


was there any part of my essay where I may have confused the reader?

is there something else that I should add to my essay?

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  1. Lizbeth, you have selected a very rich sign and you have pointed out to very crucial connections between the sign and the community. First, make sure that you descrobed in detail the sign (check my comment), then try to delve into the sign and the different layers of meaning from a critical perspective.

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