Response #1: Rum and Coca Cola

1. Listen to the song “Rum and Coca Cola” performed here by the Trinidadian Calypso singer Calypso Rose.

What is the song about? (Who is doing what and why?) What is the significance of the rum and coca cola? What might they symbolize? Why do you think that the lyricist, Lord Invader, chose the imagery that he did for the song? Is there is a theme, or message, in the song? If so, what could it be?

2. Read some background information on the song’s Wikipedia page. How does this information alter or reinforce your initial thinking? What role did multiculturalism and multilingualism play in the song’s history? Provide at least two pieces of textual examples to support your response.

Write a 250-300 word blog entry in response to this prompt. It is due by Monday, March 12th at 11:59pm.

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  • The song “Rum and Coca Cola” is about the mothers and daughters of Trinidad who provided pleasure and hospitality to the Yankee soldiers for money. The song mentions that the Yankee men were nice to the women in Trinidad, that’s why the women were attracted to them. I lived almost half of my life in Guyana, which is a Caribbean country, and I can simple say that Rum and Coca Cola was used to end a hard day’s work, whereby men drink liquor, have conversations and enjoy themselves. Rum was mixed with Coca Cola, so that it can be diluted to taste better.

    I think, Lord Invader, chose the imagery he did for this song because of what he actually saw happening in Trinidad and how women behaved towards Yankee men. In addition, he figured out that it will be fun if he made a song about it. As I was listening to the song “Rum and Coca Cola”, I felt that it expressed that women in Trinidad are whores and prostitutes. I know, the lyrics of the song are fun to listen to, but that’s how it can be interpreted and Trinidad women can be degraded. Moreover, after reading the background information on the song, it shocked me that my interpretation was a little similar.

    Issues arise as this song was recorded because it was said to have inappropriate lyrics and it mentioned a commercial product which made it to be banned from radio stations. As Wikipedia cited, “During the forties comedians as songwriters was the norm”. Moreover, multiculturalism played a big role in making this song popular because it was considered fun and comedic. On the other hand, I felt that multilingualism was against the song because not everyone grasps the concept of the song. For Instance, the last verse of the song “I know a couple who got married one afternoon and was to go to Miami on their honeymoon, but the bride run away with the soldier lad”, which can be viewed as the woman was in love with the soldier or she was only interested in his money. It can also be interpreted in more ways, those were just two examples to give an idea of what I am trying to explain.

  • The song Rum and Coca Cola is about how ever since the Yankee got to Trinidad mothers and daughters are getting payed to be with them. All the women from Trinidad are happy that the Yankees are there because they treat them nice. I believe the significance of the Rum and Coca Cola is what the girls and the Yankees would drink when they were together. They might symbolize a night of going out drinking and having fun. I think the reason why Lord Invader chose the imagery that he did for the song was because most of the girls from Trinidad where no longer interested on spending time with the man from the village, they wanted to spend time with the Yankees because they had more to offer. Perhaps the message behind the song was that that native girls are getting involved with the Yankees just to be able to earn some money.
    After doing my research about the song i noticed i was not that wrong about how i interpreted the song. I learned that when the song mention the Yankees it meant the American soldiers who were in the Island for a while. The Lord Invader reason why he named the song Rum and Coca Cola is because it’s what the soldiers would drink at the canteen he said “So I noticed since the G.I.s came over there, they really generally chase with soda, ordinary soda, but their chaser was Rum and Coke. They drink rum, and they like Coca-Cola as a chaser”. The soldiers liked drinking rum and the best chaser they had to drink it with was Coca Cola and it became a great title for his song. The new information i learned about the song just reinforced some of my initial thinking about how girls where getting with guys for money or just to hang out, it was interesting to realize that it was actually americans because of the way they were called in the song. I believe the role that multiculturalism and multilingualism plays here is that when the song was plagiarized and other artists from a different country were singing the song people really liked it for example “The song was the top single of 1945 in the United States” even though the song was plagiarized in the united states it was a hit and the song was really popular. The version of the song by Lord Invader was also a hit in the Island.

  • The song Rum and Coca Cola performed by Calypso Rose starts off by talking about when the Yankees went to Trinidad, the people of Trinidad were more than glad and continues to talk about the environment and how everyone lost their minds during the time. The artist then talks about how it was like a holiday because those americans spent so much money on everything it was like christmas eve the time that they were there. Trinidadians were working for their dollars “yankee dollar”. “Rum and Coca Cola” might stand for what people from trinidad might have gotten from the yankees, it symbolizes parties and fun times. This imagery works well because the mixture of Rum and Coca Cola sounds like what someone who wants to have a fun time drinking might have. At the end of the song the artist says “Mother and daughter working for the Yankee dollar” this is showing that a lot of people on the island worked to serve the yankees and to give them a good time and in exchange get tips and payed by the team.
    After reading the background information on the song and the explanation of what it meant you can see that this song is about Americans that visit Trinidad specially G.I’s that spend a ton of money on prostitutes and treat them nice and like their Rum chased with Coca Cola. When Amsterdam visited visited the island the song was at it’s peak and and he made a version that was similar to Lord Invaders version but due to the different cultured and translation some words may have been lost “Amsterdam’s version strips the song of its social commentary”. While another version of the song was recorded by The Andrews Sisters. They had only 10 minutes to record it at the end of their studio session “We had a recording date, and the song was brought to us the night before the recording date. We hardly really knew it, and when we went in we had some extra time and we just threw it in” a lot of the meaning given to it by Lord Invader was also lost there.

  • Rum and Coca Cola by the Trinidadian Calypso singer Calypso Rose is about mother and daughter I’m guessing they are from Trinidad who is facing some hardship of maintain money, but someone came to town and some people are mad and some saying let treat them nice and let to others side of people who were sing and dance, they are celebrate of the solders leaving. With that I guess this setting take places during or after a war. Symbolize in this song is Yankee money can mean the United States money and the song is released in 2016 but setting sound like it in war. It have taken place where United States was involved in the war so like World War 1 or 2. The lyricist chose the imagery that he did for the song is because to see how the people doing during this time of war I guess. Maybe there is theme or message in the song. If it is it have to be in the time of war you have to stay positive and safe. The information alter my initial thinking because first the song was published in United State I thought it was published in another country and this song have a lawsuit of plagiarism which mean someone stole or use the song without the original lyricist knowing by the Andrews Sister which they use some lines from the original song and mixed up with their own. The role of the multiculturalism and multilingualism play in the song’s history which “The Andrews Sisters also seem to have given little thought to the meaning of the lyrics” can be multiculturalism because different back group both have and multilingualism “The song was published in the United States with Amsterdam listed as the lyricist and Jeri Sullavan and Paul Baron as musical composers” because it from the original song.

  • The song Rum and Coca Cola in my opinion is about a mother and daughter are bonding together through working for their “Yankee Dollars.” the song goes on to describe the Yankees treating them nice and the young women there in Trinidad are having a nice fun time with them drinking Rum and Coca Cola. Though the families in Trinidad are not living the best quality life in Trinidad, they are having a blast working with each other getting money and making the most of what they have. IN my opinion, i do think that because the Yankees are treating them like normal people instead of treating them harshly and the Trinidadian people are treating them back just as well, I do think that the native people want tips to be given to them. It is a theory but I am not sure, however, it is a possibility. The native people want to get along with the Yankees so that both of the groups can get along well and can eventually give out more money to help the natives or give them more supplies to live in their country.

    After doing my research on the song, this song was made in the 1940’s and was composed by lionel belasco with the lyrics made by Lord Invader. It had been copyrighted by United States entertainer, Morey Amsterdam, and became a hit for the Andrew Sisters. According to Lord Invader, the G.I.s (Yankees) would usually go after ordinary soda but they generally likes Rum and Coke. they liked Rum and they chased coca-cola as a “chaser” so that was how he made the title of the song. This info provided goes hand in hand because the Yankees like the rum that the native people made and that was how both groups got along in harmony and had fun. This also had an effect in spread of culture. This can also be a theory but maybe the Yankees took some of the ingredients to make rum and eventually bought it over to their country.

  • The song “Rum and Coca Cola” by Calypso Rose is about the women living in Trinidad and how they are prostituting their selves to American soldiers on the island. This is happening because these Americans treat them well and the women enjoy being with them while obtaining money in return.
    The significance of the rum and coca cola in the song seems to be because that was the preferred drink of these American soldiers. According to Lord Invader, “They drink rum, and they like Coca-Cola as a chaser”. The rum and coca cola became the staple drink of Americans to the Trinidadians.
    Lord Invader perhaps chose this imagery of Rum and Coca Cola for the song in order to display the impact of cultural diffusion. Something as simple as a drink has been tainted due to an invasion of their island. This drink is now associated with American Soldiers, something that wasn’t there prior to their stay on the island.
    I don’t think the song has a specific theme but more so it is telling the story of how the women changed after American soldiers arrived on the island.
    When I first heard this song, it appeared to be a happy song about cultural diffusion. When Calypso sang “young girls say they treat ‘em nice, make Trinidad like paradise”, I simply thought the song was about Americans falling in love with island girls. After reading their Wikipedia page, my thinking changed. The mood of the song became more of a sad shift from innocence to prostitution. The songs use of multilingualism reinforced the island vibe of the song while its history of multiculturalism helped shape the song to tell its story since the song itself is about Trinidadians and Americans on the island and the result of their cohabitation.

  • The first time I listened to “Rum and Coca Cola” by Calypso Rose, I enjoyed the moderate rhythm and and vocals. It seemed to tell a story; however, due to some of the dialect I was unable to tell what that story was. It was enjoyable and left me feeling care free and that I should be on a beach sipping a Mai Thai. The significance of rum and Coca Cola could be referencing the popular cocktail. The lyrics seem to suggest that Americans are going to Trinidad and drinking and partying with the natives, trying to get the Americans drunk and to spend money. I feel that Lord Invader chose Rum and Coca Cola specifically due to the popularity of Rum in the West Indies and the popularity of Coca Cola in the United States. He may have chose this as a way to bring both cultures together.
    After learning more about Lord Invader’s intention behind the lyrics it seems he was telling a slightly different story. In the third verse saying, “And in the day they wouldn’t give you the right / But you might see them with foreigners late at night.” This suggests that women were giving Trinidadian men the time of day but you were see them out drinking with the American soldiers at night. Also, the line “Both mothers and daughters / Working got the Yankee dollar” suggested that women were having sex with the solid eras for money.
    The role multiculturalism plays in this song/story by conveying hoe excited the women were about the American soldiers being there. Lord Invader describes what he saw in Trinidad during the “American social invasion in the West Indies”(Wikipedia). The song conveys what Lord Commander Witnessed while observing the relationship between the American soldiers and the women of the Trinidad during this time.

  • The song “Rum and Coke” is about how the women of Trinidad offered the Yankees comfort and pleasure. In short, Trinidad was a place where Americans would go for prostitution and fun. Some words like “both mother and daughter working for the Yankee dollar” reveal the situation in those times and how they tried to earn money with the soldiers giving them what they wanted. In addition, I believe that the significant of “rum and coca cola” symbolizes how people from Trinidad celebrated after the jorney and have obtained money from the Yankees.

    After reading some background information of the song I was a hundred percent sure of what the story was. Even if the song might seem to be more “delicate” we can assume the meaning of its lyrics. This song was a local hit composed by Lionel Belasco and written by Lord Invader and was in that moment when Morem Amsterdam traveled to the island and made his own version identical to the original one. However, the song was copyrighted by
    Amsterdam in The United States becoming a hit in 1945.

  • I have always heard this calypso song on the radio for many years each morning, as we had a segment called Calypso Corner. I was really young then, so I just enjoyed the rhythm. Now I have the chance to really look a bit deeper into the setting, timeframe and meaning to the song. Rum is an integral part of the Caribbean culture, so its not a surprise that it would take a part in this song, when it comes to having fun, with friends, family and now it comes into play connecting American soldiers to the rum. The American dollar, in this case Yankee dollar, is the prize for partying. Lord Invader shows the life of women in those days, who would wait at the docks for the ships, from America, no doubt, hence the Yankees. Island rum, demon rum, as its affectionately called at times, loosen people up, and the womedodocks.. d for the Yankee dollar! Coco cola is a popular chaser for hard liquor, so it also got prominence. Lots of women on the islands responded well to soldiers, who came in ships, they were considered a ‘catch’, besides possessing Yankee dollars. Mothers and daughters more than likely would run into each other at the docks, as they searched for the Yankee doller.

  • The song Rum and coca cola by Calypso Rose talks about how the mothers and daughters of Trinidad are very happy that the Yankee soldiers came to Trinidad because they are giving them money for sexual needs. Calypso Rose Mention her song she says” if Yankee boys come Trinidad some of the girls are more than glad’ ” young girls say they treat them nice make Trinidad like paradise”. In this lyrics of the song we can see how the girls in Trinidad get happy when the Yankee boys come to town. In the song I believe that calypso sings the rhythm of the song has a happy tone describing how the girls in Trinidad are happy with the Yankee money. Also the way calypso Rose sings her ton of voice is happy it is a metaphor with how the girls in Trinidad feel with Yankee boys. I also notice that Calypso in her song she describes how the girls are smiling and dancing ”which for me her tone of rhythm music relaxing has to do with that how the girls in Trinidad felt getting the Yankee money.
    In the wilkepedia I found that lord Invador was the inventor of the song of the Rum and coca cola. There are a lot of versions but in lord Invator song also talks about the mother and Daughther’ s in Trinidad who provides pleasure and hospitality to the Yankee soldier for money. he wrote the song of what he use to see in Trinidad, hes song became a hit when a guy name Amstedam visited Trinidad and saw that that hes song said the truth about the Trinidarian girls and mothers selling there bodies for the Yankee money. Invador song became banned from radio play however because of the reference to the alcohol. Until this day this song is very popular and I really enjoyed this song. Thank you professor.

  • The song “Rum and Coca Cola” by Calypso Rose is about women, observed by a mother and daughter, who become prostitutes to work for the American dollar after Yankee(American) soldiers’ arrival to Trinidad. They are happy because not only are they working for the American dollar, but are also being treated nicely and are drinking together. The rum and coca cola serves as the occasional beverage that the people drank infused together as they were enjoying themselves. It symbolizes how different cultures could blend in so well that in the end, the people there has their time of their lives, despite things like prostitution being involved.
    I think Lord Invader chose the imagery for the song to reveal how Trinidadian women dramatically shifted their focus on Yankee men since they had a bigger advantage to offer. The message would be that the native women would do almost anything to have an improved lifestyle in exchange.
    The background information from Wikipedia reinforces my initial thinking because it says that since the Yankees came over they really generally chase with soda, just ordinary soda, but their “chaser” was Rum and Coke. Multiculturalism and multilingualism plays a role in the song’s history being that it has been plagiarized and various versions have been created. “Although he subsequently claimed never to have heard the song during the month he spent on the island, the lyrics to his version are clearly based on the Lord Invader version, with the music and chorus being virtually identical.”. Evidently, varieties have been created to better fit the culture that it is aimed for. “The song became a local hit and was at the peak of its popularity when Amsterdam visited the island in September 1943 as part of a U.S.O. tour.”. Cultural bond is there but is viewed differently from culture to culture.

  • Upon hearing “Rum and Coca Cola” by Calypso Rose, I could instantly hear the rich island rhythm that so many Caribbean countries share. It was only after hearing it a second time that I began to pay attention to the lyrics. For the most part, I didn’t have a real sense of what the song was about by just hearing it, so, I decided to read the lyrics. The song spoke of “mothers and daughters working for the yankee dollar”. The use of the word “yankee” indicated, most likely, white American men in Trinidad, while the women working for the “yankee dollar” referred to those exact men who paid for the company of Trinidadian women.
    After reading about the history of the song, my understanding of the song has become much grander. Learning that the song was remade in America and stripped of its original meaning put things in perspective. The song talks about the drinking habits, and “debauching” (Wikipedia) of the local women on the island, by American military men. Ironically, the song was later stolen and rerecorded by white Americans who never connected with its original meaning. The song was meant to paint a picture of what Trinidad was like for those living there and constantly being exposed to American men who would do nothing but drink rum and coke and defile the women of the island. To this day, the richness and originality of the song is lost because it’s been tainted by the version recorded by the Andrews Sisters.

  • In the song rum and Coca Cola it talks about how a mother and daughter from Trinidad where getting paid to help the yankee soldiers. as they where helping them they started to fall for them because the yankee soldiers where very kind to them and they liked that. the woman from Trinidad probably drank rum and Coca Cola if they went out with the yankee soldiers to show what they did when they had fun. that is the reason why the song is called rum and Coca Cola because maybe it had a meaning behind it. also in the song it talks about how the woman in Trinidad where more interested in the yankee men then other men there. the reason why I believe that might be because yankee men had more to offer to the woman which was the love and even money which made the woman from Trinidad fall in love with them.
    the back ground of the song shows how lord invader has explained how the yankees had a lot of money that they could have used for the woman in Trinidad as to use them as prostitutes. thats why the yankees treated them nicely because they wanted to spend a good time with them. thats why they carried money with them and thats why they tried to spend a good time with them because they knew what they where capable of. it shows the multiculturalism between the Americans and the woman from Trinidad and how it not only helped shape the song but it also helped shape our society and the good that it did. This song can help understand the differences of many cultures and it can also help us better understand one another and people from different cultures.

  • The song “Rum and Cola” by Calypso is about the mothers and daughters of Trinidad that are “working” for the Yankees and getting paid by them. The Trinidadian girls are are going almost crazy about the Yankees because the Yankees treat the girls very good. This making it seem as if Trinidad is a paradise. The Yankees basically splurge on the girls because they are in love with them. The song gives off a nonchalant vibe as the girls go off into this craze for these yankees. I feel like the deeper message behind this is that the Trinidadian girls are very attracted to these men more for their money because it gives them an illusion of them being in this “paradise”. So they are not really crazy over the men, they are crazy over the money.

    When I did the research about the song after listening, I learned that this song has a lot of history to it. To Start, it talks about how the soldiers during World War II were stationed in Trinidad. The song is basically talking about how the servicemen wonted get drunk off of rum and cola. Then they would use their yankee dollars to get “services” from the Trinidadian women. This doesn’t really alter my thinking about the song because like I understand the Trinidadian culture. A lot of woman(and men as well) tend to be very flirtation to Americans in different countries because they know that they will get money out of them. Its easy because Americans when they go to other places, don’t necessarily know how to act. So if they get drunk and they are attracted to something, they splurge.

    To me, I feel like the multiculturalism was spotted when it said that the Andrews Sisters said “The lyric was there, it was cute, but we didn’t think of what it meant”. Since this like went over their heads, I feel like its because of the cultural meaning behind it. They can not identify with the culture, therefore it meant nothing to them other than it just being a song. They couldn’t look at it in a deeper context.

  • I believe the purpose of the song Rum and Coca Cola by Calypso Rose is about the mother and daughter who work in Trinidad. They work as prostitution to make yankee dollar and just to give pleasure to the soldiers. Calypso Rose mentions that when the American soldiers come to Trinidad the young girls are extremely attracted to the soldiers and make that place like heaven because they treat them nicely. The Trinidad women are having fun time by drinking rum and coca cola and they are enjoying their work by making enough money. In addition, the Trinidadian women also help soldiers to feel them like everyday is Christmas Eve by dancing and smile even though they are far from their family. In the song it states that not only young women were involved in giving pleasure to the soldiers but also older women “ Both mother and daughter working for the Yankee dollar”. The theme of this song is that people always want better things such as the women who come to Trinidad to work because the place that they live in, they can’t make enough money. So, they work for the guys who could offer them more money. On the other hand, the women were only looked as toys because they were just there for fun and the yankees were their only target. Rum and coca cola was was drank to forget hard days.
    I believe Lord Invader chose the imagery because it was connected to the real event that occurred there where women were attracted towards the Yankee men only because they had some money. The background information mentioned in Wikipedia was that despite the popularity of being top hits in 1945, the network radio stations banned it because this song mentioned the alcoholic beverages. Yankee money means dollar bills which has higher value than there.Based on my research, multiculturalism and multilingualism played a huge role because this song was plagiarized by many artists from all over the world yet was becoming popular. Many people admired this song because people can agree to what they saw in real life.

  • The song Rum and Coca Cola sung by Calypso Rose is about Trinidad’s experiences on prostitution, alcohol, and odd behavior of the American soldiers. The American soldiers offer woman their “Yankee dollars” otherwise known as money. Mothers and daughters would go with the soldiers to go drink and have fun. The significance of the song is to show what happens when different ethnicities meet and how effects the land. The Lord Invader writes a song about his experience in the island. The rum symbolizes as the woman in Trinidad while the coca cola is supposed to represent the American Soldiers. I think Lord Invader chose the imagery because it is supposed to represent the different ethnicities.

    After listening to the song and seeing the song history in Wikipedia I realize that the I wasn’t wrong on what the song was about. I did song since it does a good job telling a story based on current events. Multiculturalism and multilingualism play a role in the songs history is by having people not understand what the song was meant to be about. “Both mothers and daughters Working for the Yankee dollar” is interpret differently by everyone. Not many people won’t see in a way that these women are having sex with these soldiers to make money since they don’t know what was happening in Trinidad. In the line “The bride run away with a soldier lad and the stupid husband went staring mad” tells us that woman prefer the soldiers over their husbands since they offer more than what they can get from their husbands. There was another version of this song that was kind of identical except some parts of the lyrics. Both versions still talk about woman prostituting themselves for money.

  • Saul Lopez
    English 102
    Kahdeidra Monét Martin

    “ Rum and Coca Cola “

    The song “ Rum and Coca Cola “ is about American troops station in Trinidad during World War II and how the locals were unhappy. The local calypso musician Rupert Grant who came up on stage name “ lord Invader “ wrote about the American service members being drunk from drinking Rum and coke. They used “ Yankee “ dollars to attract or purchase the service of local women. The song is also talking about how both Trinidadian mothers and their daughters would go out and “work” ( prostituting ) for the American money. The song also poetry, telling about the current events in the song like how American soldiers would drink rum then would drink regular Coca-Cola after. In 1945 the Andrews Sisters recorded a very similar song sung in hammy Trinidadian accents. It had the same title, general subject, and even some of the same lyrics but was stripped of its social commentary. According to Patty Andrews, “We had a recording date… we had some extra time and we just threw it in, and that was the miracle of it. It was actually a faked arrangement.”

    The Andrews Sisters’ version became the biggest-selling song of the year and the the third biggest of the decade in the United States. Despite its popularity, the song was controversial and was banned by network radio stations because it mentioned an alcoholic beverage and hinted at prostitution. The fact that it mentioned a commercial product by name also meant that it could be construed as free advertising when broadcast.

    Works Cited
    “Rum and Coca-Cola by The Andrews Sisters Songfacts.” Song Meanings at Songfacts,

  • Shay Omar
    ENG 102-0833
    Date 3/11/18

    Blog 1 (Rum and Coca Cola)

    Rum-an alcoholic liquor distilled from sugar-cane residues or molasses
    Coca Cola- a carbonated soft drink

    The artist Calypso Rose begins the song with whispering the phrase “RRRUM and COCAA COLAAA”while the background sounds of drums are playing. She does this as a way to engage her audience into her performance. She then follows with the phrase “woooh” which signifies her excitement! After about 29 sec into the song she elicits the term “OK” which informs the readers that she will begin singing. 40 sec into the song, trumpets begin to play, along with the drums. The first sentence she say goes as follows:

    “When the yankees came to trinidad, believe me my friends were mad and glad”

    The term ‘yankee’ refers to descendants or those living in the U.S. Perhaps the reason her friends were upset was because they (U.S descendents) were invading Trinidadian land. The reason they were glad might be due to the ‘yankees’ introducing American culture to the Trinidadians, specifically bringing rum and Coca Cola. The introduction of rum and Coca Cola, according to Calypso Rose lyrics, made them go out of their mind. Rum is an intoxicating beverage that causes brain impairment in the individuals who consume it, which explain why Rose uses the term ‘going out of their mind’ because, in a literal sense, they lose the ability to control sectors of the brain that allow it to function properly. Because rum is a depressant, when consumed, it alleviates people from their troubles and sorrows even if for a brief moment.

    “…women and daughters working for the yankee dollar’

    People, specifically women and daughters, of Trinidad are estranged in their labor in order to be compensated with U.S dollars in return for their labor. Why is this a problem? This becomes an issue because the Trinidadian workers lose a sense of reality, in an effort to make money.

    After reading the background information about the history of the song, my initial interpretation was slightly incorrect. The song originated from Trinidad and was inspired by the local (girls) that lived there. The original lyricist, Rupert Grant, wrote the song to embody the essence of Trinidad at the time. However, the song was published in the United States with Amsterdam listed as the lyricist and Jeri Sullavan and Paul Baron as musical composers. The song became a local hit in Amsterdam during September 1943. The original song had a completely different intent, then that that was produced in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam version “hints that women are prostituting themselves” for American money. However, this was not the intention of Rupert Grant. His lyrics goes as follows:

    “They got the young girls all goin’ mad
    Young girls say they treat ’em nice
    Make Trinidad like paradise”

    These lyric serve an entirely new purpose than the previous one that deviates from the notion that Trinidadian women and girls are prostitutes who are only after money. Coming from distinct background, our understanding of lyrics can differentiate significantly. One might interpret terms in a songs lyrics distinctly then a person from a different background. This is linked to contrasting social/cultural upbringings, hence our elucidation of the language application differs.

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