Assessment #2 Draft Research

Nagat. Almatare

English 102

Professor: Polish

Rough Draft Research Paper




In the play (Anon(ymous), Anon had traveled from one place to another looking for his mother and wanting to go back home because none of the places was his birth home. Anon had to leave his native home with his mother, because of war Anon and his family tried to escape from death but, Anon drowned in the water when the family was on the boat leaving their home. Anon’s mother still had hope in her heart that her son might be alive somewhere. People run away from war because they’re fear of death but death can follow us in different aspect of the world. So why did the play writer Naomi Lizuka wrote that Anon drowned without giving a clear conclusion to the play? Was Anon died and he was seeing the next world? Was Anon a live but dreaming in his coma? Was this all a dream because of what he had gone through in his journey of running away from a war? This play reminds me of Shakespeare’s Play: “Hamlet’s delay lies neither in his incapacity for swift action nor in the overwhelming difficulty of eliminating Claudius, the readers seem to have reached a frustrating dead end in their understanding of Shakespeare’s greatest work. Fortunately for them, however, a psychoanalytic reading of the play may provide the necessary means through which Hamlet’s seemingly inexplicable behavior can be rationalized”.( Sihyun)1. In many cases readers expect a conclusion in a play: sometimes it can be a happy or sad ending.

Anon explored different places like when the white rich family rescued him and the rich family’s daughter felt that she owned Anon, because of her rich father who owns land and mountains. Anon felt that was never his home so he left, kept on traveling to find what he calls “home”. Anon’s mother in the play worked for a sewing factory where the white rich family came and told her that they have rescued a boy from drowning in the water, but that boy ran away because he wanted to go home, the place of his birth.

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