Response #1: Rum and Coca Cola

1. Listen to the song “Rum and Coca Cola” performed here by the Trinidadian Calypso singer Calypso Rose.

What is the song about? (Who is doing what and why?) What is the significance of the rum and coca cola? What might they symbolize? Why do you think that the lyricist, Lord Invader, chose the imagery that he did for the song? Is there is a theme, or message, in the song? If so, what could it be?

2. Read some background information on the song’s Wikipedia page. How does this information alter or reinforce your initial thinking? What role did multiculturalism and multilingualism play in the song’s history? Provide at least two pieces of textual examples to support your response.

Write a 250-300 word blog entry in response to this prompt. It is due by Monday, March 12th at 11:59pm.

UPDATE (3-15-18): Post your responses below as a comment. It will not appear immediately because I need to approve it. You will receive a message stating that it is awaiting moderation. Do NOT try to sign in to post the comment. It is a public post.

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