Online Assignment Two original Poems

Poem 1: Welcome to my life of adventures and my experience of learning something new everyday. In my world all you see is joy, love, friends, and a passion to travel for miles. In my world, the style is expensive. People wear everything from supreme to babe. The styles are too expensive for my budget. As for me. I’m like laid back stylish but affordable. My personality is like unique and friendly. My main purpose in life is to be super wealthy so I can travel around the world. It is as easy as pie. When I achieve my goals I feel that I am able to do anything and keep creating more goals so I can achieve that as well.  I want to share my world with friends and family because in my life I feel I need to be surrounded with people I can trust and love and be comfortable with. If there were three words to sum up my life, they’d be: blessed, happiness, process.

Poem 2: My home is like a safe zone. The neighborhood reminds me of peace and quiet. After being at school al day long my house feels like I came out of jail. It smells as honey as bee. My bedroom is my privacy. It is where my body gets to rest. I close my tired eyes, and darkness is what I see. My dreams are real but not real like winning the lottery. My mind is a temple. My heartbeats sounds like a drum being played. Car horns loud outside my window like a festival. Children play all day and run like they are being chased until its time for dinner. The food smells like happiness to my stomach. My nose becomes tingly, my belly is filled with joy. I am as satisfied as a bee is with honey. When dinner is finished it is time for some homework. It is as dark as a shadow and when i’m finished I feel like a champ. This is when I like to sleep because when I finish my hw I am as tired as a turtle.


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