Blog Posts

Throughout this semester, we will be reading a variety of literature and writing a variety of texts, including blog posts. Blog posts are just some of the low-stakes, informal writing that we will do each week. The purpose of the informal writing is to capture our initial thoughts about the readings, ask questions, make connections, and allow our minds to explore…I will not give you formal grades for the blog posts. Instead, I will make a comment and give you a mark of ‘Complete’ or ‘Incomplete.’

There are three 250-300 word blog assignments this semester. The due dates are 3/12/18, 4/16/18, and 5/7/18. The prompts for each assignment will be posted weeks in advance, on a separate page on this website.

Instructions for creating a blog post:

  1. Log in to the course website.
  2. At the top of the page, on the black menu screen, choose New > Post.
  3. Title your post using the assignment name and your first name. For example, “Blog Post 1- Kahdeidra.”
  4. You may type your response directly into the text editor. Or, you may first compose it on paper or in a Word document. When you are finished, you can then copy and paste it into the text editor.
  5. If you choose to compose in the text editor, use the Publish control panel to adjust the status of your blog to Draft or Published. The visibility should remain at Public.
  6. You can design your post in any way that you like. Feel free to play around with color coding, include links to other websites, or add visual or audio media to support your written response.
  7. Under Categories, check the one box that corresponds with your blog post.