10 Replies to “Week 12 – Labor Movement”

  1. According to $15 per Hour or Bust: An Appraisal of the Higher Wages Movement” it states, “some state are known as home rule states, where the state constitutional grant cities and countries the right to govern themselves.” It talks about not every state follow the same rule as our state some state follow there own rule and the people.

  2. “In theory, the success of the recent strikes should breed more strikes”.

    I used this quote because I strongly agree, for example, with me, I never had hope for the black community to be rebuilded in terms of how we are treated and the problems we face. However, when I seen black lives matter striking it gave me the motivation to get up and strike as well.

  3. According to “ How today’s unions help working people” it says “Millions of Americans who work full time are not paid enough to make ends meet; many rely on public assistance, including food stamps, housing subsidies, or cash assistance to pay their bills” I choose this quote because there are many people that 15 an hour is nothing.the government increases the wage for nothing because as they increase the wage they increase the food , gasoline rent, transportation and people work to pay. It’s good the support the government gives like food stamp but it’s not enough. They should continue with the fight for $15 and if they increase it not to increase the other stuff. It makes low level people to stay where they are.

  4. In the article “How today’s union help working people” it states “ Almost everyone has at one point felt unheard or powerless as an employee. Joining a union simply means that you and your colleagues have a say because you negotiate important elements of employment conditions together. That could mean securing wage increases, better access to health care, workplace safety enhancements, and more reasonable and predictable hours.” This quote is basically saying that union workers are more powerful as a whole then one single person because no one is heard when they give their opinion about changing something in the system while they all agree upon it. It’s pretty hard to change something when your the only one who is brave enough to say it but uniting brings everyone together to fight for their rights.

  5. “On average, a worker covered by a union contract earns 13.2 percent more in wages than a peer with similar education, occupation, and experience in a non unionized workplace in the same sector. This pay boost was even greater in earlier decades when more American workers were unionized.” Unioun workers have the ability to voice there opinion and make it an interesting discussion. Over the years, changes were made within these groups to ensure people have a voice of at least some substance.

  6. “How Today’s Union help working people”
    “Collective Bargaining”
    I picked this section because all workers must have a voice. We should be noticed and heard at work. A bargaining agreement gives us a say in an specific term of employment. It covers somewhat of more personal needs.

  7. In the “The Return of the strike by Steven Greenhouse”, it says, “They made us a very bad offer on wages”, says Yolanda Murray, a kitchen steward in the Marriott-operated. Westin Book Cadillac Hotel in Detroit. “We had to walk ,it was a very hard decision. I explained to my son what I had to do. I had to show them what’s right for us.”
    In 2015, there was a surge of strikes both in the public and private sector, why?It could be that there has been a strong and improving economy in which some groups have left out of this growth. Teachers struck arguing they haven’t received a satisfactory pay increase in years even though tax breaks were given to businesses. Marriott workers as stated in quote, went on strike because Marriott had announced record profit numbers but had only offered workers small increases in pay. I believe that they success of 2018 strike could be a sign of more aggressive labor actions because workers see that a collective action like a strike can pay off in large pay increases.

  8. Unions fought for—and work to strengthen—many of the humane standards and norms that protect and uplift Americans today. These essential laws and programs include Social Security, child labor laws, anti-discrimination laws, health and safety laws, Unemployment Insurance, compensation for workers who get hurt on the job, the 40-hour workweek, and the federal minimum wage. this quote basically describes all the power that uniting does, unions group speak up not only for themselves but for the people who do not have a voice and are afraid to speak up.

  9. According to “ How today’s unions help working people” it says, “Millions of Americans who work full time are not paid enough to make ends meet; many rely on public assistance, including food stamps, housing subsidies, or cash assistance to pay their bills.” I choose this quote because people have to work hard to make money to pay rent, food and bills that require. As people struggle to make their money the government increases spending but one thing that comes good out of it is food stamps. Another reason why I choose this quote is because the minimum wage $15 is not enough for people who have to pay their bills, so I would say to stop raising the price on stuff.

  10. In Stephanie Luce “$15 per Hour or Bust:
    An Appraisal of the Higher Wages Movement”
    She claims “For this reason, living wage activists must keep wage campaigns in perspective. They are not a solution to poverty and not even necessarily a solution to growing precariousness in labor markets. Instead, they should be understood as a tool for improving conditions in the short-term, but more impor- tantly, as a way to bring workers and their allies together in broader struggles for power”
    Even though it brings progression towards success in small strives they’re still useful to bring the participants together even more if another cause were to arrive. Just like when I worked at Rite Aid when we were fighting to keep our health insurance to eventually cutting our union out in total but then it was easier to unite for this cause due to the previous one.

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