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reflection on come from away musical.

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such a great musical!!! honestly one of the best shows ive seen. there was everything you could ask for in a show, humor, entertainment, drama, sadness, hope, joy, literally a musical for all types of people. i loved how the whole cast became different types of people in a matter of seconds. the memorization was on point the energy was amazing and the songs were beautiful. definitely a story to tell on a tragic day like 9/11 even though that most likely didnt happen in real life it was still very entertaining to see if that did happen how people would treat each other. it was a heartwarming feeling to see that a small town in canada was so welcoming and open to complete strangers and put aside their own troubles and worries for those passengers that just needed to feel safe and taken care of and they did that! thanks again professor! definitely would see again thats for sure!