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Come from away

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     Come from away was a beautiful play, the theater was big and beautiful with painted ceilings. The play reminds us that there is still very good human beings willing to help when someone needs the most.  September 11th was a very dark day here in US and in Canada those travelers received food and where to stay from someone that they never meet before, that warm my heart, I felt bad for the mother looking for her child. The music was beautiful with the live music. I like the fact that only changing the hat or jacket their role in the play changed. The whole play was so entertaining. I liked the fact that did not matter what religion they practiced all of them help each other, I am sure that some friendships were created from that stressful days. Professor Oh I am glad that you choose that play because is about hope and help without asking questions. I have being in other theaters and this one was bigger and I did no see empty seats. For me definitely was a beautiful story and what I took from that play?  is that we  don’t know what will happen tomorrow, and that whatever is to happen we can always count, on that we may find people like the ones from Gander in Canada.

Come From Away

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To come up with a title like this seems easy but after looking at the musical I realized it took a great deal in bringing everything together to make it a reality. The writers of this musical was Irene Sankoff and David Hein I felt accomplished as this musical was very entertaining and creative and it showed that a lot of though and effort was put into it. A musical like this is an inspiration and I’m sure the cast of 12 who was representing the presentation felt overwhelmed with gratitude after the applauded from the audience of a job well done.

Come from Away speaks the common language of just folks, and it sings and dances with the authentic inspiration of Newfoundland’s Celtic-based music, suffused with the hypnotic thrum of the bodhrán, the adrenalin rush of fiddle and strings, the soaring lilt of whistles and Uilleann pipes and the soulful underpinning of a harmonium.

For every great act there must be someone with that vision to pull it off with a great team. I felt engaged because I had the opportunity to have shared this memorable experience with my teacher, peers and different ethnic backgrounds who had a passion for good entertainment.

Besides that while watching the musical I realized  that musical was becoming very interesting as the Gander townspeople spring into action and prepared the house, feed, clothe and comfort the nearly 7,000 passengers with the nineteen (19) animals in the cargo area. The pilots, flight attendants and passengers were initially not permitted to leave the plane, hence that forced them to deal with a confusing and conflicting information about what has happened and why they were suddenly grounded. I found it to be intriguing yet captivating by what is now taking place.

The passengers and crew fly away to their homes; they joyously exchange stories of the immense kindness and generosity that was shown to them by the Newfoundland strangers in their time of need. Thus in the Middle of nowhere before a Muslim traveler, faced with increasing prejudice from his fellow passengers, undergoes a humiliating strip search prior to boarding. Then the townsfolk in Gander return to normal life, but comment on how empty their town now seems. The passengers and airline staff who return to the United States are faced with the horror of the attacks’ including Hannah, who learns that her firefighter son lost his life during the rescue efforts.

Talk about intense trauma for that mother, losing someone you love can be very devastating, what we can truly say is that these people were brave. Thus the musical Come from Away’ accomplished what all the best musicals has ever done. It takes you to a place where you didn’t know you wanted to go, and makes you not want to leave. The musical wasn’t vague we  were able to see the difference in emotion and  the humor of the  story an how the cast showed compassion and generosity, when rescuing and welcoming shipwrecked sailors who were, resonates with a legacy of healing and reconciliation.

Indeed I felt blessed to have shared these moments with my class as we can now share our likes, dislikes and create feedback’s on the musical itself. We were also able to gather information which could help us in our daily life when it comes to strategic planning and long term goals and being determined, over this was a well put together musical.

reflection on come from away musical.

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such a great musical!!! honestly one of the best shows ive seen. there was everything you could ask for in a show, humor, entertainment, drama, sadness, hope, joy, literally a musical for all types of people. i loved how the whole cast became different types of people in a matter of seconds. the memorization was on point the energy was amazing and the songs were beautiful. definitely a story to tell on a tragic day like 9/11 even though that most likely didnt happen in real life it was still very entertaining to see if that did happen how people would treat each other. it was a heartwarming feeling to see that a small town in canada was so welcoming and open to complete strangers and put aside their own troubles and worries for those passengers that just needed to feel safe and taken care of and they did that! thanks again professor! definitely would see again thats for sure!

Mark Your Calendars: Class Schedule Change

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Hey everyone!

We have some schedule changes for the last couple of weeks of the semester.

Please find the updated schedule below.

As I announced in the class, we’ll take our final exam a little earlier than was scheduled.

We’ll have our review session on Wednesday December 5th,
so please bring your notes & textbooks to class.

The final exam will be on Monday December 10th.

For the class enrichment activity, we’ll go see
the Broadway musical Come From Away on December 12th, at 7:00pm.
That week is designated as “Reading Week,” (set aside for your final exam preparation), so there won’t be classes collegewide.
So I hope everyone will be able to make it to the class trip.

In case you cannot make it, though,
please let me know in advance so we can find other people to come.