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Advertisement Analysis Presentation Sign-up

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Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend.

Below is the presentation schedule.

 Make sure you come to class on time, on both dates.
You are required to give written feedback to your classmates,
which will count as part of your participation grade.

Also, please note that the computer in our classroom can’t read thumbdrives.
So if you plan to use PPT slides, please email the file to your own email addrsss or
use Google Drive/Dropbox.

Mark Your Calendars: Class Schedule Change

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Hey everyone!

We have some schedule changes for the last couple of weeks of the semester.

Please find the updated schedule below.

As I announced in the class, we’ll take our final exam a little earlier than was scheduled.

We’ll have our review session on Wednesday December 5th,
so please bring your notes & textbooks to class.

The final exam will be on Monday December 10th.

For the class enrichment activity, we’ll go see
the Broadway musical Come From Away on December 12th, at 7:00pm.
That week is designated as “Reading Week,” (set aside for your final exam preparation), so there won’t be classes collegewide.
So I hope everyone will be able to make it to the class trip.

In case you cannot make it, though,
please let me know in advance so we can find other people to come.