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Analyzing an ad and listening to other students presentation changed my perception about media because now I am aware of the hidden messages within advertisements. I’ve learned that in advertising there are a wide variety of ways to attract audiences. These appeals can be broken down into emotional or rational approaches like ethos, logos and pathos. In Elizabeth’s McDonald’s ad, their using actors with relatable lifestyles such as musicians and the LGBTQ community. 

We can become more critical consumers of media by being aware of hidden messages within advertisement. For example in Nizengas advertisement she pointed out the fact that Honda’s hidden message could’ve been for parents to purchase cars for children because of the gps tracking device to asure safety. Using Kevin Hart as the lead actor, is using celebrities as credibility. Critical engagement with media is vital to me because now I have the ability to analyze and evaluate information that we receive through media. One day I’ll be able to create my own media messages to attract my culture, music media and fashion industry. 

I focused on the delivery and structure  of my presentation by using my personal experience. I wanted to show my audience how advertisement can convince consumers by using relatable circumstances. For example of one of the actress expresses the challenge of working full time and not having time to go the gym. As a solution she uses Lipzene to get rid of body fat. That was something I can relate to that’s why I become a lipozene consumer. As the advertisement evolves celebrity actors are used to increase credibility, views and sales. 

Something that I can improve would be the content of my presentation. I can change that by practicing more and being better prepared to elaborate on the advertisement and my personal journey on why I started using lipozene. I also could’ve explained how effective the advertisement is in sales. 

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