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How did analyzing an ad, and listening to other students’ presentations change your perception about media and their messages?

Analyzing an ad and listening to other students’ presentations changed my perception of media by showing me that their message is not always clear at the beginning. A lot of ads will use flashy presentations, celebrities, or pull on emotional strings to get you hooked on the ad so they can sell their product. A good example was Brendalee’s ad where it talked about two brothers and how the older brother would tease the younger one. At the end it showed the older brother standing up for his little brother but in reality it was just another Coca-Cola commercial.

How can we become more critical consumers of media?
And why is a critical engagement with media vital to you?

We can become more critical consumers by looking for the hidden meaning behind advertisements. A good example of this is Elizabeth’s ad where it compared two people who lived very different lives. The ad doesn’t show it’s motive until the very end where they talk about how McDonald is a “safe haven” for them. It pulls on your emotional strings by showing you someone who you can relate to. It’s vital to me because If you aren’t aware then you’d most likely would want to buy their products just from watching the advertisement.

What were some aspects that you focused on in your presentations? Structure? Content? Delivery? Or, something else?
Is there something that worked well,
something that you want to repeat in the future?
Or, is there something that you wish you want to improve on?
What is it and how can you change that?

I tried to focus on the content for my presentation because I wanted an advertisement that didn’t show its true colors until the very end. Something that I would want to improve upon is my structure because my presentation was all over the place and there would be long pauses before I would talk about a specific part of the ad. I can change that by being more prepared to deliver my presentation in the future 

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