Ad Analysis Reflection

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  1.  Analyzing an ad definitely changed the perception I have of them because I never realized the little things such as the music and things they do to try to build a personal connection with us the audience just to sell or promote a product or company. Realizing these things has helped me to see the truth of how these factors truly impact a ad that we would normally just watch and maybe even cry while watching without realizing why. 
  2. The challenges I faced while giving my peer’s review was trying to find something to negatively critique while they were doing amazing! This was a learning experience for me because I learned how to critique my peers for their good work and not just give them feed back on what they should’ve done better as I usually do.
  3. We can become more critical consumers of media by realizing how everything we see on media has a deep meaning behind it and its up to us to take the time to truly analysis the things we see on our Tv’s to realize what is the true reason behind it instead of just seeing it for what they want to present to us.

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