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Social media has had a positive impact on our modern day society. It has given us the ability to have a voice on a big platform that millions of people can have access to. Many today have used this platform to make a positive impact on our society, according to page 262 of the text book “Forty-four percent of 18-29 year olds like or promote political material on social media. Thirty-four percent use social media to encourage their friends to vote” (pg 262, chapter 12). This is an example of not only adults, but teenagers as well getting involved in topics that are extremely important for them to open up to and later on be able to use their voices to make a difference in our society. This is one of the many examples of how social media positively affects us today.

Although social media has helped many people, it has as well had a way of negatively impacting others. No one is forced to show their true identity through social media making things as cyber bullying, cat fishing and abduction easy to happen. Many people hide behind a screen for their own wrong reasons which is why it is important to know what to have on your social media. Personal information is never a good idea to have on your social media because it can give millions of strangers access to your personal life. Restrictions can help these dangerous problems have a lower chance of happening in your social media life. Use social media safely and use it to make a positive impact in your community!

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  1. Hansol

    Brendalee, you’ve done a good job providing balanced perspectives on social media. However, the topic of social media is too big to fit into this short post, and I would love to see you write about a more specific example. It seems that the point you are actually making is “use social media safely and use it to make a positive impact in your community!” and I think it would’ve been better if you could elaborate on that point. Do you have an example that you can refer to? Or do you have a counter-example that calls for more self-aware use of social media? Instead of making generalized observations, try to be more specific in your writing. 🙂

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