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The Big Bang Theory show is a great example of mass communication. In the seventh season, the series got 20.4 million viewers per episode. 

Mass communication is the process in which a person or a group of persons send information through mass media to a large and varied audience at the same time. And in this medium is include newspaper, magazine, book publishing, as well as radio, television, film and internet.  Feedback for mass communication is usually slow and indirect in comparison to interpersonal communication.

The study of mass communication is  the approach on how the information of mass communication, persuade, or affect the behavior, attitude, emotion or opinion of the people that receive the information.  The process of mass communication has four components, Sender, Message, Medium and receiver.  The process is complete when the receiver gets the message.  The way we receive the messages have changed indeed, from pictures on walls of caves, to messages sent to millions of people at the same time.

I found many videos about mass communication but, I attach two. one is short if you don’t have time to watch and one long, if you have time and want more details.




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  1. Hansol

    Delia, thanks for your contribution. I appreciate how you lay out the definition and characteristics of mass media, but it would have been great if you could provide your own take on the topic of mass media. What is your relationship to all these media outlets? Is there a movie/show that you watched that was relevant to our class discussion of mass media? I was expecting to hear more about how you relate to the topic, and therefore more of your personal voice in writing.

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