Neyda’s Audible Artifact

A song that I chose that relates to “When Rap Spoke Straight to God” is called “HeKnows” by Jeremy Camp. This song is a Christian/Gospel song the reason that I chose this song is because the book/ poem talks about the navigation of different belief it also talks about black lives, the tragedies of Trump, and the boundaries of being a woman, and basically the song states “he knows”, meaning that God knows everything. He is watching you, and watching every move you make, and every word that comes out of your mouth. A line that stood up to me was “how hard your fight had been” to me this shows how hard women and black people have fought against people that criticize them for who they are. For example Erica Dawson describes how a man sees women through the eyes of a man a woman is seen as a bloody new moon. This relates to a part of the song when Camp says “ We may faint and we may sink, feel the pain and near the brink, But the dark begins to shrink” to me this relates to what Erica Dawson said because as he says we may faint, we may sink, feel the pain and bear the brink, woman may feel like they may faint, they can feel the pain of all of the bad things that men may say about them but they as a women may be on the edge but they will never break down. We as women many not break

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