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As I said before I think Tiesto and all his songs have vibed with me emotionally whether it’s heartbreak, love, feeling happy, and just or feeling good about yourself. The reason why I’m always saying Tiesto is the DJ because he just played a huge roll in the type of music I listen to and is still influencing that genre. The song Innocente – Tiesto Remix always remind me of those good times listening to his music when it was a different time when techno was still finding itself this music world it was a great time. Songs were not sounding the same as the EDM songs today. This music was pure and always put me and a calm mood when I was mad at the world. I would just sing along with the song and I’ll just cancel life out putting me in a calm place. Music like this song made me stand out but I didn’t care what people thought about me. This music brought that confidence out of me. Growing up was kinda hard I just felt alone a lot I didn’t know how to keep myself entertained or chilled out. Tiesto’s music changed it all and my ears opened. Living in the days of early youtube and LimeWire. In some ways, I feel like the music raised me or allowed me to wake up. I saw the world with more beauty and I had more appreciation for everyone and felt more with myself. My dad was a DJ but I never really asked what music he liked or anything. Until that one time he entered my room while I was listening to Tiesto and he couldn’t believe it. He began to show me all his music he explained how tiesto sound originated from house music that he would play at clubs. Since then till this day he would tell me you opened my eyes to tiesto. It’s just something we share I’m happy we can bond or amazing music like this. That’s why tiesto will always have played a part in my life.

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  1. I really appreciated the description of how Tiesto corresponded with an opening of broader possibilities. The description of your dad “educating” you on musical forebearers is also nice. Looking forward to reading more.

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