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  1. ” The symbolic sacrifice of the serpent to the “higher ” masculine powers indicates that the patriarchal order had already vanquished the feminine order in pre- Columbian America.” What this means is even with older civilizations the patriarchy (men) power and control were already well established in the world even when settling in a new environment. Thus leading to the matriarchy already bending to its will.

  2. “Los atravesados live here: the squint-eyes, the perverse, the queer, the troublesome, the mongrel, the mulato, the half-breed, the half dead.” This quote from Gloria Andaldua’ “The New Mestiza” carifies some of the derogatory stereotypes that follow the Mexican community. Unfortunately, we live in a society that must stereotype all ethnic groups regardless of whether or not the stereotype is offensive or insulting. Many people firmly believe the stereotypes listed in the quote. They believe that all Mexicans are “perverse” or “troublesome” criminals who do nothing but disobey the law. That type of ignorance is one of the primary issues in society today.

  3. “This land was Mexican once
    was Indian always
    and is.”

    Being Mexican descent I always had trouble understanding why people don’t know the truth about this land. This land belongs to my ancestors who are proud people and believed that Huitzilopochtli (god of war) will look out for them. It’s true that it’s no longer Mexico but one can not deny that my ancestors cultivated and respected the land as such. Including that our true home is in this land and nowhere else.

    1. “In the New England college where I taught, the presence of a few lesbians threw the more conservatives heterosexual students and faculty into a panic.” Some people will always fear what they don’t know or approve of. Instead of trying to accept and/or understand each others differences whether it’s race, culture or gender some will turn to fear, hatred and anger.

  4. “Tejanos lost their land, and overnight, became the foreigners”.
    This quote among others really summarized the idea behind the article. Being of Mexican descent and first generation American I have always understood the anger from Mexico towards the United States for dividing Mexico but at the same time couldn’t always express it because this country did bless me with opportunities. Although I am considered a citizen I do share the discrimination towards my ethicity that I face here in the United States. This quote really sank with me because I feel Mexico altogether has lost a lot from the United States. The Mexican-American war divided Mexico in half and then made us foreigners of land that was once ours. Then when we try to also embrace the land of the United States we are alienated.

  5. “In the fields, la migra. My aunt said, “No Corran, don’t run. They’ll think you’re del otro lao.” In the confusion, Pedro ran, terrified of being caught. He couldn’t speak Eng list, couldn’t tell them he was fifth-generation American” t

    this quote shows how the life that the people who live next to the border go through been afraid of just walking by it and looking like the people from the other side. also, show how the government does not care sending people oway from the place they are wich is usa

  6. “Who is to say that robbing a people of its language is less violent than war?”
    This quote is extremely powerful to me. It resembles the impact behind the method of enslavement practiced in America. If I had to choose for my ancestors, I would have chosen to go to war with Europeans. I would be more than willing to risk the lives of my men, rather than to sale my people and have them stripped from their language, identity, and lively hood. Over 500 years later, Phsychological Warfare CONTINUES to prevail in this wicked system of oppression practiced in AMERIKKKA.

  7. Institutional Racism and Psychological* Warfare has a larger impact on a group of people, rather than physical War in itself.

  8. “The gringo locked into the fiction of white superiority , seized complete political power, stripping indians and Mexicans of their land while their feet were still rooted in it”. This is a significant because the US incited Mexico to war and the US invaded with troops and occupied Mexico and forcing Mexico to give up almost half the nation which is now Texas, New Mexico ,Arizona, Colorado and California.

  9. The U.S- Mexican border ,”es una herida abierta”(an open wound)where the Third World grates against the first and bleeds.
    I think this quote is important in the sense of represents not only a cultural clash but I feel also is a better way of explaining how people coming from a struggling third world country try to enter a first world country being this one and them doing that is the grating that occurs and results in hate and looking down towards them.

  10. “The Gringo, locked into the fiction of white superiority , seized complete political power, stripping Indians and Mexicans of their land while their feet were still rooted in it.” In history white settlers have consistently taken land that wasn’t theirs and killed native people to the land for their own gain. They never thought of anyone besides themselves, and had no consideration for the countless Natives they were uprooting and hurting in the process. White settlers did this in order to secure their imagined racial hierarchy and ingrain themselves as the captors and saviors of a “savage land”. They preached their superiority and neglected to acknowledge any culture aside from their own in order to blissfully ignore their wrongdoings. They knew they were massacring and leaving thousands of people without a home, and instead of considering their culture and incorporating them into their plans they disregarded them completely and treated them awfully.

  11. the New mestiza by Gloria Anzaldua Quote:”Southwest consider the inhabitants of the borderlands transgressers, alliens wheter they possess documents or not wheter they are chicanos, indians, or blacks. Do not enter tresspassers will be raped, maimed, strangled, gassed, shot. She clearly refer that according to you physical appearance your skin color and your ethnicity is how you will be treated. You can be chicano, but you are not seen as an Amercan Citizen but a person with a mexican look and your papers is something that you will constantly be ask for the gringos because all they want to do is deport you, get rid of you, Mexicans and indians are hate here, however part of the south of United States used to be lands that belong to Mexico, but they were STOLEN!

  12. “Tejanos lost their land, and overnight, became the foreigners”. Once they lost their land the Tejanos never gained back that land because the land that they once owned was taken over by another race therefore making the Tejanos the “foreigners”. It’s an upsetting thing to see people lose the things they care about the most.

  13. “Most of us unconsciously believe that if we reveal this unacceptable aspect of the self our mother/culture/race will totally reject us. To avoid rejection, some of us conform to the values of the culture, push the unacceptable parts into the shadows. Which leaves only one fear- that we will be found out and that the Shadow-Beast will break out of its cage.” Fear of Going Home: Homophobia

    Many Latinos are afraid of being shamed and embarrassed for their sexuality. They will do whatever they can to keep their family happy and unaware of their secret. Being rejected by your family can cause deep trauma and pose other problems for LGBTQ+ individuals. The fear of rejection shows how family oriented they are. Many queer Latino’s will keep their same sex relationships a secret. It’s sad to see that many queer Latino’s are hiding to keep their families happy. Their families already love them so why should their sexuality change that?

  14. ” The Gringo locked into the fiction of white superiority, seized complete political power, stripping Indians and Mexicans of their land while their feet were still rooted in it”

  15. ” the gringo locked into the fiction of white supremacy, seized complete political power, stripping Indians and Mexicans off their land while their feet were still rooted in it.”
    This quote describes how the white race believed in white supremacy and tried to remove Mexicans and Indians from their land because of their ideological race superiority.

  16. “tejanos lost their land, and overnight, became the foreigners” When these people lost their land they didn’t get to go back to it and after a while it became someone else’s. It is almost like they became outcasts and were not able to get what was once theres back. This is similar to the wars that have occured all throughout history worldwide. Territory.

  17. “For the lesbian of color, the ultimate rebellion she can make against her native culture is through her sexual behavior. She goes against two moral prohibitions: sexuality and homosexuality”

    I chose this quote because it addresses that there was this constant pressure on women of color and it was even worse through their sexuality and their sexual preference even homosexuality. Women and their sexual behavior were frowned upon and it was not something to be talked about openly as much as it is now.

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