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  1. 2- The Politics & Myths of Immigration video plus Debra Simmons’s caravan of hope.
    Even though we all know very well that America was built by Immigrants we had always seeing this racial attack towards certain target minorities. At this very moment it’s spanish immigrants who are victims of hate attacks, racial insults by leaders of this nation like Donald Trump. This is new accusing a whole ethnicity of atrocities like being all rapist, of taking over or stealing American Citizens’s jobs, of being all narcos, In the case of Mexican immigrants because they are the biggest spanish group in America, they have been targeted since Donald Trump became a president and even before. The second group being finger pointed & physically attacked is: Central American immigrants being called all” gang members” being described also as stealing the American citizens’ jobs.
    In 2018 we did have a huge caravan that started in El Salvador and have people from Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico joining them. Salvadorans were trying to escape the gangs from El Salvador That were controlling the whole nation & were also; killing the more poor population and vulnerable citizens, from whom they were victims. Lack of work in El Salvador was another reason of leaving the country & also; political corruption because the President back in that time Salvador Sanchez Ceren was careless about the situation that the country was facing.
    However the jobs that most Central American do here in American are: constructions, gardeners, restaurants as busboy, food runners, waitress, some of them open their own small restaurants so, no way that they are taking those jobs of the American Citizens plus they are the only ones and Mexican as well working on plantations throughout this nation they are brought to this country as seasonal workers who work long journeys under extremely hot weather conditions,

  2. In the article:”Caravan of Hope” we can see poverty through the way Salvadorans escaping the violence from El Salvador. They have nothing fancy on them, basically nothing but the cloth they have on. Some of them may carry a small backpack with them. They are escaping with babies in their arms, small children as well and no money at all to survive or to make it all the way to the USA. they have to pass two borders before they are denied entrance to America. They don’t speak english so, how can someone under these conditions be accused of stealing our jobs, when they clearly are in total disadvantage with any of us?

  3. In this country there is always that rejection and fear of other cultures. It’s ok for Americans to use immigrants for the benefit of this country but clearly immigrants can not aspire to any benefit of the hard work they contribute to this country. Actually immigrants support our economy by shopping in local businesses, by paying their taxes and not being able to benefit from that, by building their own business, by buying houses, they are working here, they are earning here, and they are paying taxes here and in many cases they are more americanized than what we can think because they do not want to be jailed. The ones that do not want immigrants in this country are anglo~ saxn protestan and it’s clearly a racial undertone that for some reason those protestants do not remember how immigrants work in cheap labor factories under inhuman conditions long labor hours in the summer for example without air conditioners or fans. Those protestants just want this country to be more “white”. For years this idea of immigrants is just cheap politics from cheap politicians who do not fix our real problem.

  4. To start with the video “Politics & Myths of Immigration” it was a very informative and eye opening video as we learn about the never ending hope to a great life as Immigrant’s look for a chance to gain greatness within the United States. Politics all talk about how immigrants are taking our jobs, taking over our communities, but yet fail to realize that immigrants are very helpful in today’s society they helped regulate our need for work. In 1975 the Page act was indicted as people were allowed to learn over 5 years of English, due to most immigrants coming over from places like Mexico & El Salvador Overall immigrants should be able to have a chance to become an American Citizen.

    Onto the “Caravan of hope”
    As reported and documented by the National Geographic Channel, documenting the journey of a over 20 year plus experienced photographer, named Moises Samon. MS captures parts of El Salvador and Mexico as he goes in with pictures to help document his journey. There are endless problems in El Salvador such as extreme violence, poverty, and endless hope. Al though one glimpse of hope seen by migrants around town such as teenagers hitchhiking rides behind trucks and buses, or even people bathing within a lake. Things like traditionalism has brought these counties together through faith and prayer. It really shows how times are really rough around the world in places we don’t expect or even think. This really gives me hope in seeing migrants succeed support unity and love is all the world needs, we need to strive together and wish the best for everyone.

  5. “Unfortunately, scenes such as the one in the bus have become quite normal, to the point that they don’t elicit much of a reaction from the local population… I find this normalization a much more relevant question, one that I have struggled with while working in many different places around the world where extreme violence becomes routine”. Many immigrants are from countries that is at war with each other, its very unsafe to walk on the streets and no doubt many were thinking is this the day that I’m going to die, am I going to make it home today and see my family. The violence was so unbearable for some that they had to flee to another country. If it wasn’t for the extreme violence many people wouldn’t have left their country.

  6. ““They left as though they were fleeing some curse,” wrote the scholar Emmett J. Scott, an observer of the early years of the migration. “They were willing to make almost any sacrifice to obtain a railroad ticket and they left with the intention of staying.””
    This quote from the the article is very significant because you can relate this to today’s migration. Coming from a family of immigrants I can say my parents left everything behind hoping for a better life. This is the case for many families now a days.

  7. “Between 1880 and 1950, an African American was lynched more than once a week for some perceived breach of the racial hierarchy.” This quote is significant because it is an astonishing statistic that reveals the unfortunate reality of American history. It is even more flabbergasting because it is calculated starting from 1880; nearly two decades after the Emancipation Proclamation . It puts into perspective the longevity of inequality and prejudice towards the African American community. It is overwhelmingly gruesome to think of the amount of innocent people that were wrongfully killed throughout those 70 years alone.

  8. In “The Long-Lasting Legacy of the Great Migration” by Isabel Wilkerson discusses the causes and effects of the Great Migration that took place between 1916-1970. This movement consisted of African Americans migrating to the North for better opportunities and ultimately their full freedom from slavery. Although slavery was banned in the South, white supremacists would find other ways to successfully limit and in ways enslave African Americans. In the text, a quote I found informative of this time period was “Merely by leaving, African Americans would get to participate in a democracy”. In other words the migration to the North alone would mean they would have representation in the government. This allowed for further exposure of the “injustices in the South and the increasingly organized fight against these injustices” as stated in the article. This further helped advocate and eliminate segregation by for the first time giving African Americans rights and a voice.
    Furthermore, the article states “Between 1880 and 1950, an African-American was lynched more than once week for some perceived breach of the racial hierarchy”. These frightening statistics prove the urgency to migrate for many African Americans because simply living in the South put their lives in danger. Lynching was best defined as a mob of white supremacists who gathered in order to murder an African American for an alleged offense they committed. Many of these alleged crimes were just a reason for these hate groups to target African Americans and “legally” get away with it. It was a public humiliation and torture. We as a nation today have moved forward on slavery but racism still openly exists and has a continuous need for improvement.

  9. in the video Politics & Myths of Immigration, I can see how bad is the diversity that mostly with created believing that there are superior to others. I like the fact that the two women clarify that we were all immigrant and that we don’t come to still their job is just that the withe people won’t do 8t for themselves

  10. “The story of African-Americans on this soil cannot be told without the Great Migration. For many of them, the 20th century was largely an era of migrating and marching until freedom, by law and in their hearts, was won.” What this quote is meaning is that as a black person living in the north your story started with a great migration from the south to the north and that was one of the biggest untold victories in black history. Just finding the courage to pack everything they own and upheaving their family to a better land with opportunities they would have never had in the south.

  11. “They were seeking political asylum within the borders of their own country, not unlike refugees in other parts of the world fleeing famine, war, and pestilence.” – Isabel Wilkerson, The Long-lasting Legacy of the Great Migration

    This comes to a sad understanding that many of the things happening in the great migration still happens today for some. These are no longer struggling Black Americans but all races who are forced to step away from their homes due to hate crimes and prejudice. This is more of a realization than some historical fact in today’s world and age.

  12. “Sometimes, I feel discriminated against, but it does not make me angry,” – Zora Neale Hurston
    This resignated with me so much. The fact that she didn’t allow the ignorance of other people define her is very powerful. For people of African Descent to endure so much pain for hundreds of years and STILL prevail, in many ways than not, EFFORTLESSLY, is a god given gift. The blood line is in fact the epitome of being the chosen one.

  13. “Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or leave the country.” I think its as they said people always fear what is different. When one becomes afraid of what they don`t understand they will listen to whoever fuels their mistrust even if its built on lies. One will look for the smallest things and turn it into something more to make themselves feel better and feel they have good reason to be afraid.

  14. “The desire to be free is, of course, human and universal. In America, enslaved people had tried to escape through the Underground Railroad.”
    Going in-depth into explaining the human trait of freedom which is universal. Freedom is something we all need, which enslaved people fought for.

  15. The quote that catches my attention the most is “between 1880 and 1950, an African American was lynched more than once a week for some perceived breach of the racial hierarchy”, because it just seems so unbelievable that this is really something that happened. For more than 70 years African Americans have been lynched every week. This is truly a very heartbreaking fact and what’s even more crazy is the fact that it took so long for this to stop.

  16. According to it states, “ The Great Migration would expose the racial divisions and disparities that in many ways continue to plague the nation and dominate headlines today, from police killings of unarmed African-Americans to mass incarceration to widely documented biases on employment, housing, health care and education” this quote shows that through migrated another place can be a life changing due to the fact that you want great opportunities when it’s unable that as well it can be effective due to the chaos of police brutality. This is significant because they are migrating to another place to another place when over there is as well racial discrimination.

  17. “Immigrants come here to work, they don’t come here to be on welfare…The rates of crime among immigrants are lower than they are for the native born.”
    Immigrants come to the US to be safe and have stability. Americans will try to come up with so many false statements to try to hide their racism and justify their reasons to not allow immigrants. They come to work hard and take care of their families. They help our society and allow us to experience more cultures. Also the comments for this video are people arguing that there’s no logic to the video and things the professors said. There can be so much evidence that immigrants are beneficial to the country but their opinions will never falter because they believe what they want.

  18. “They were fleeing a world where they were restricted to the most menial of jobs, underpaid if paid at all, and frequently barred from voting. Between 1880 and 1950, an African-American was lynched more than once a week for some perceived breach of the racial hierarchy.” From the late 19th century to the early 20th century African Americans were regarded as lesser than in American society and some of the same patterns still continue today. In this era black people weren’t allowed to work even the lowest paid jobs because they weren’t respected. They wanted and deserved the same rights as white people, but weren’t even a fraction of respect, care, and consideration. Many were targets of racial violence and were even killed to main the social hierarchy and in order to ensure than none of them rose above or thought of themselves as more than what they were told.

  19. “In the 1930s, a black couple in Chicago named Carl and Nannie Hansberry decided to fight these restrictions to make a better life for themselves and their four young children. They had migrated north during World War I, Carl from Mississippi and Nannie from Tennessee.” Parents are always going to look out for their children and keeping them safe so if migrating helps for their children to be safe and well. African Americans were seen different in society by various people who also migrated to have a better way of living and escaping a war. For example many people had migrated to the US from El Salvador because of the civil war and they wanted to be safe and well and not be in between a war.

  20. There has always been prejudices among Races of different kinds and it looks like there might always be. At one point America was extremely inclusive and didn’t seem to care who they let in but after a while that changed. The Myth in Politics is when Trump says stuff like “Immigrants are taking your jobs” when in actuality Mae Ngai says “Immigrants have a much lower rate of using public benefits than non immigrants, immigrants come here to work they don’t come here to be on Welfare.” (ouch)

  21. “Over time, as the people of the Great Migration embedded themselves in their cities, they aspired to leading roles in civic life. It could not have been imagined in the migration’s early decades that the first black mayors of most major cities in the North and West would not be longtime Northerners, as might have been expected, but rather children of the Great Migration, some having worked the Southern fields themselves.” This quote is significant because it shows the progression African Americans made because of the great migration, to the point where some would be come mayors of cities.

  22. “They were fleeing a world where they were restricted to the most menial of jobs, underpaid if paid at all, and frequently barred from voting. Between 1880 and 1950, an African-American was lynched more than once a week for some perceived breach of the racial hierarchy”

    The reason why I chose this quote is because it emphasizes the horrible conditions and the horrible ways that African Americans were being treated. African Americans were severely oppressed that their option was to flee, sacrificing a lot. It was such an upsetting reality that they had to escape. “They left as though they were fleeing some curse.”

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