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    1. inequality in the United States has affected most Americans that pursue the “American dream”. It targets more the middle class since we are that 99%, while the 1% have the advantage like not paying taxes as the middle class does. Because of a certain law the middle class thrived and progressed in 50 years. But that law was removed. Not to mention this new virus epidemic that has affected the middle class heavily into losing their jobs. However the 1% has also been affected, the stock market crashed and employees can’t work.

  1. There are some people who experience inequality every day, so it doesn’t really surprise me. It could be a separation of class,gender/sex,age,race,religion,disability etc. While there are some laws that can provide protection , it doesn’t neccesarily cover everyone. Each circumstance is situational.
    As of now, I am not seeing any examples of inequality during the Corona virus pandemic. As a country our government could have handled this better but it looks like we are trying to make an effort to keep people safe from further harm.

  2. Steve Flores

    I learned that the inequality isnt something that should be taken with light heartedness. It isnt something that affects a few people. The inequality is so high and so vast it affects all of us for the most part. Us being the 99% we as the most people dont compete against the 1%. They make the most money and get taxed less and in some cases it was shown that paid no taxes and still received a refund check of a couple million dollars. I learned that it’s been the a buildup of events that led to the 2008 economy crisis. It didn’t happen out of nowhere it was the result of a law that was installed in the 1930s that was removed in 1999 by Clinton but also by the 1% influencing our government to give in to changing our laws to benefit them. It affected unions and peoples ability to recover in case of losing their jobs. I believe the number was 47 million people were unemployed. This is seen today with the corona virus. There are people that dont even make 100,000 a year that live on check to check without savings that will be affected by the quarantine and might even lose their jobs because they don’t have a union or savings.

  3. From what I learned recently about inequality when it comes to wealth in America, it really doesn’t surprise me the wealthy hoarding most of the wealth while the middle class continues to shrink and the poorest Americans are forced to fight over crumbs. Also, it doesn’t surprise that the fault of this is rich people dipping there hands in the government and manipulating politicians to work in their favor.

    When it comes to the coronavirus during the beginning wealth inequality most definitely played a factor in measuring its spread because of the test being $3000 which is way out of the price range of regular Americans thus leading to case of corona not being reported in.

  4. Inequality in America is still the same from past years. Those who have more money are the ones who the government take care of. They are only the 1% of the population, the other 99% are the ones who have to be exploited in order for the 1% to get rich. The government says they are for equal rights but the truth is that the ones that always get benefits are those in the 1%.
    This can also be seen with the recent event of the coronavirus pandemic. The government had to close down everything and prevent the virus to spread and start killing the more vulnerable, but this wasn’t the case they allowed the work force of the country to keep working. They did this so that the ones that get more benefited out of the work being made don’t get affected.

  5. My reaction to what I learned about inequality as it exist in the States today is that I was surprised about what took place many years ago and what is still happening. I know that inequality when it comes to economic wealth was present in the United States but I wasn’t sure about the majority of persons that it has affected and still affecting. The working class is being treated unfairly, they have to pay taxes while the top 1% doesn’t, and whether they choose to pay taxes or not they will still receive a refund and face no form of penalty from the government.

  6. Our country is named the UNITED states, yet it’s very unfortunate that we are still battling our own demons of inequality in 2020. Inequality in this country has many of faces, whether it be age, sexuality, gender, RACE, or CLASS. As a WORKING CLASS ‘Black’ WOMAN , I am a witness to those struggles on the daily both in a social and economic level. We have came to a very strange time within this generation due to this coronavirus epidemic. Our government is pushing this agenda ‘to control the spread of the virus’ by taking away work from the poor and working class with absolutely no reparations. It’s quite hard to question and trust our governments true agenda. We have a very toxic lifestyle, where the 1% continues to prosper off of the 99% pain and suffering. It appears to me that even in a world wide epidemic, the working class and poor will always have to take the bullet to protect and sustain the rich and wealthy. I just believe that ethically and logically it should be the complete total opposite.
    Peace and Blessing <3

  7. My reaction to inequality in the United States is that we are supposed to be united as one. What i learned about inequality is are different levels to it. It involves class, gender ,race,religion and even economical to name a few. We see this with the 1% of the population, the other 99% are the ones who have to be trick the system in order for the 1% to become even more wealthy. We find majority of people are part of the working class. This affects us greatly due to the epidemic corona virus, because mostly everyone needs a job to pay bills or better themselves. But also the government never really had to deal with a problem like this before so the people are struggling as well as the government to combat the situation that is the virus.

  8. my reaction to what I have learned about inequity was not surprising to me at all its obvious that society is shaped to maintain the lower class lower. This Is a cycle that is happening forever but as the guy says in the short video, that going up the ladder people need to work hard and it would be achievable. The lower class needs to change the way they think and educate themselves to be more useful and go up the ladder. Uniting should be the first steep

  9. I’m honestly not surprised seeing them and learning the inequality that goes on in the United States. Knowing that the 1% are far off from everyone else is just facing reality more than anything else that our lives are just numbers to people while the 1% are getting more attention. Especially in this current time where people would rather work and put themselves at risk to catch a virus because no one would help them in this time of need. While the 1% hide and post videos about how staying at “home” is “so..” important yet us as the working class trying to protect ourselves and still trying to stay afloat. Including that this country could do so much for the working class but doesn’t because in the end they still want to make profit through our fear.

  10. My reaction to the inequality that exist in today’s society is that it has changed the way we see other people whether it is different race,sex,age, and the most common one is the the class which is whether the poor, middle , or the rich. Like bob herbert says in losing our way “There were not nearly enough jobs for all who wanted and needed to work. Middle-aged professionals were being forced into early, unwanted retirement. Low-wage, contingent work – without benefits and with no retirement security – was becoming increasingly the norm. ” This shows that the middled class is in trouble with their work and thats equal compare to the rich that keep their jobs and middle class having to struggle with no income to help their families.
    With the corona virus going on mostly everything will be close and the inequality can affect the impact to the society by the government helping out all the people and not certain people do to their class and with those who are need of help.

  11. I personally think that inequality has always been the number one reason why some people aren’t getting the help they need. It creates disparities between the rich and the poor, unequal opportunities and treatments.

  12. Inequality today’s day and age varies, we have people from all backgrounds, working and living in different environments. Let’s look at both sides of this topic, we are treated most of the time based off how we look, dress, act and most importantly how we act as a person is the barrier that determines if that individual is treated as equal. We experience racial inequality occasionally, hate crimes and so on which is not right and shouldn’t be tolerated. The plan is we people of the world have to come together. What’s going on with this corona virus has left many people without jobs, parents, kids struggling to find meals things aren’t the same as things are limited and restricted. We have to think critically and come together as one in order to help the next. Whether age, race, color of skin, religion, we’ve all experienced inequality, it may seem like a negative thing to reflect on but perhaps it’s a way think differently about what preserves you and what drives you.

  13. After reading about inequality, I notice that not much has changed throughout the years. Sure some things have changed but not completely to the point where everything is equal and everyone has equal opportunities. The 1% of people that are at a higher class get treated like royalty in a way and meanwhile the working class doesn’t even though they work their butts off. There are so many more benefits towards the people that are already at a higher place in the economic ladder when they don’t meed it.
    With the Coronavirus going on today, many employees have to stay home with no income to buy groceries and/ or pay for other necessities since there wasn’t much of an option for them work wise. The government doesn’t really care about this either.

  14. It’s well known that inequality still exists today and in many different situations. It is one of today’s big problems and has been a problem for a very long long time, however there are times where inequality doesn’t exist in certain situations because there is a bigger problem at hand that does not involve inequality. One example of a situation like this is today with the Coronavirus. There’s no inequality with the Coronavirus because it’s not a matter of race if it effects us all. After this Coronavirus ends we will still have to deal with inequality because it is an ongoing problem.

  15. Middle class people had always be the target for inequiality. We can even see in the graphic that the middle class made between $52,698 and $82,032 so they don’t qualify for any financial aid, benefits, government assistant etc. We must recognize that the upper class made the middle class pay for the poor class, their taxes are always increasing so basically they pay them for the poorest, this decision is taken by the upper class and is extremely unfair since they should pay higher taxes not the middle class! On the other hand if we see in the graphic the bottom class (the poorest people in our country) made no more than $29,100 we must remember that the poor class has more than 4 family members most of the time to take care of and that amount is extremely low to support a family of 4 or more. Opportunities for the poorest don’t even exist , they can not provide their families with quality life, they can not become professionals with an annual income like that. The upper class should not be the one who put all that pressure on the middle class, should not be the one in charge of making the middle class take care of the poorest in our country, this need to change, because those laws are extremely old and need to be updated. Wealthy people had all the money to pay more taxes and give a break to the middle class that everyday fall actually in a poor class instead, Because it’s impossible to keep going with the high taxes they paid.

  16. Inequality is something that has always existed in our society and the 1% has always been on top and receives more benefits and less disadvantages than the average middle class worker who does a daily 9-5 job. They have less taxes applied to their wages, have access to a plethora of information that general public cannot access and receive the best treatment while they give out the least amount of respect. The inequalities in society aren’t just present based on wealth there’s also racial, genderbased, and age inequality that determines and affects many of the opportunities present for the middle to lower class.
    With the current Corona virus pandemic many middle class workers have been temporarily laid off for the safety of the country. While it is lessening the spread, many are worried how they will pay their bills or feed the children because of the inequality and selfishness that is present in society. The 1% aren’t worry about how they will purchase groceries or feed their children, while the middle class are struggling to make ends meet or are barely getting by on the funds they currently have while being out of work

  17. Inequality in the United States has always derived from multiple types of ignorance. Everything in this country is labeled and or categorized to determine ones worth or ability. Gender, class, race, religion, age etc anything that can differentiate you from another person plays a significant part on what can be provided for you or how others treat you. During this current pandemic I have seen a lot of picking and choosing on what people receive. I currently work at a women’s shelter and many of them are being denied the proper care. Supposedly they were promised certain resources and have yet to receive them. Then looking around at many friends and family who have been laid off due to the virus. Many are not compensated for the inconvenience. It is saddening to see that our government does have the resources we need for everyone that is equitable and it took this pandemic to realize that. Money is literally coming out of people’s ass right now for relief, when for decades people have struggled and been denied help from the government because it does not benefit them or don’t have the money for it.

  18. The coronavirus not only affects society physically but also economically. The coronavirus has made social contact limited and therefore has ruined many events and businesses in the span of a month. Although everyone as a society has felt the turmoil of this epidemic. It has especially been affecting those in the middle and lower social classes more. Mainly due to the limited fractions of food, water and materials during this epidemic. The inequality in the United States has targeted those in these lower societal classes to struggle and panic most. People are no longer able to work and attend school in order to help avoid further covid-19 cases. Those in higher social classes are also struggling but have more advantages. For these people it is easier to obtain food and also to be tested for the coronavirus.
    This pandemic is one of many examples of the wealthy being more advantageous than the poor. There have been many attempts by politicians to try to make the rich limit their power by making them pay more taxes or pay taxes at all because they obviously can afford it. But those who are rich have the power to avoid those politicians who try to make this change. And that is how the cycle of inequality continues.

  19. Learning about inequality in the United States was not all that surprising to me. In fact, it is exactly what I had expected to read. As I read about inequality, I came to the conclusion that inequality is not just a part of American society today, but it has always been a part of America throughout its history. Whether it be socially, politically, financially, or racial, this country has suffered from the effects of inequality in our society. It is no surprise to me that during the country’s financial struggles in the 21st century, the one percent was barely affected. What makes this country “great” is the average citizen that works extremely hard just to get by. Hard working people are the base of this country and without them, this country crumbles. It is extremely unfortunate that the lower class is not compensated or even worst, appreciated as they should be. The spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States has brought to light some of the inequality in our country today. It is absurd that relatively young and healthy celebrities have access to COVID-19 testing while the average “high risk” lower class citizen must undergo a rigorous process just to get their hands on a test. It is just another demonstration of the inequality in our American society today.

  20. My reaction to learning about inequality as it exits in the United States today that there’s is favorings between the wealthiest and the poorest that they pay more attention to the wealthiest than be able to help give the benefits to the poorest. Inequality impacted the response to the Coronavirus by increasing people that lost there jobs and have low incomers to unable to pay any circumstances.

  21. Corporate America has the government tied around their finger. They control the shots in this country. Our current president is a businessman and a billionaire who has always had corporations in mind. He wants his company as well as others to exploit the system and get away with billions of dollars and finding loopholes to not pay taxes or pay as little as possible. What I’ve learned through the coronavirus response is that money talks and the wealthy will always be well taken care of while the rest of the population gets scraps. The famous and the wealthy will be the first to get coronavirus tests despite a shortage. Many celebrities have been making videos encouraging people to self quarantine and stay home. What these celebrities that live in mansions don’t realize is that unlike them others don’t have millions of dollars at their disposal and simply can’t afford not going to work.

  22. Inequality has impacted the response to the corona virus because of the way the government in a way, tries to take advantage of others. When coronavirus became a thing, it was rare to be able to get tested, the rate of tests for coronavirus were lower than they are now. Not only was it hard to get tested to see whether or not you have the virus, it was really overpriced to the point most people couldn’t afford it. In my opinion the government and medical field take any opportunity they can to get as much money out of people.

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