Jessica/ October 23, 2018/ Reflective Essay #2/ 2 comments

Jessica. Tabares

October -23-2018

ELL- 101

Professor Ines Vano Garcia


Linguistic Landscape


The linguistic landscape that I took a picture of was around the gym that I go to. Its above of a furniture store the English letters are all capitalized and in bold. And then there is another language under it both languages are in white and the background is in some type of blueish color. The address is right under that as well as a phone number to contact the store. It is a multilingual sign since it has more than one language it is also an authorized sign put up by shop management.

I feel like the sign shows that there are more English-speaking people in the neighborhood since the English is way bigger then the words in the other language and its first. Also, that there are people in the neighborhood that speak that other language because if they really wanted to the sign could have just been left with just English. instead they didn’t they put the other language too, so it shows that there are people that would benefit from having the other language on the sign.

The neighborhood that the picture was taken in was Steinway in Queens its actually really popular. there are a lot of stores around there about 4 different gyms, supermarkets a few nail salons, clothing stores, two different train stations to get there and two different busses get you there as well. English is really the most common language there but if you walk a few blocks down you will find a lot more stores with that type of language in the front  like delis, hookah lounges and restaurants.

was my description of my picture good?

is there anything i should add?


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  1. It’s hard to imagine your picture from your description and I’m also not able to see the picture that is uploaded. Instead of uploading the picture, you can right click your mouse on the picture to copy and paste the picture. You should maybe add more to your essay because it seems a bit short.

  2. Jessica, after our conversation in class yesterday, make sure to give more detailed information on your sign – check the site because it will help with the linguistic classification. You need to talk about the languages represented on the sign (if you don’t know the language, do some research and/or ask someone). Regarding your analysis, review the rubric in order to make sure that you explain the different layers of meaning connected to the sign (for example, what does the use of these two languages tell us about the demographics of the neighborhood’). Then, you should analyse and interpret and interpretation the sign(s) to the neighborhood/community (linguistic and non linguistic factors)

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