Announcement: Doodle Poll for Democracy Now! Field Trip

Please fill out this doodle poll to indicate your availability for our field trip to Democracy Now!: <>. Even if you don’t plan on coming, please fill this out to let me know.

You will receive extra-credit if you attend this field trip and you will be given a Metrocard with fare to pay for your transportation there and back (funding provided by the Humanities Alliance).

More about the field trip:

“Students will enter the control room of the daily news show minutes before going on air, watch the live broadcast, and participate in a workshop, where the need for independent news and investigative reporting will be discussed. If time allows the host of the show and show guests will join the conversation. Afterward students will go on a behind-the-scenes tour, where they will be introduced to the daily process of producing a news program.”

You can check out the website for Democracy Now! here. The field trip would be at 207 West 25th Street, 11th floor near the corner of 7th Avenue in Chelsea. The early time is so that we would be able to watch the live broadcast.