Welcome to Debates in Psychology: an introductory course that examined the historical and contemporary debates within psychology during the Spring of 2017 at La Guardia Community College. We invite you to learn with us through our writings about how debates in psychology center mainstream or critical approaches to psychological investigation.This class challenges assumptions about, and situates our unique perspectives of, race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, and other differences in human identity and experience. In so doing, we interrogate debates in psychology from our individual and collective opinions about the social, economic, and ecological implications of psychological investigation.

This website reveals a fraction of our class conversation over the course of three interrelated topics: behavior is not fixed; exclusion and opportunity; intersectionality and liberation. Peruse our class website by clicking on each debate tab above. On each webpage or debate tab, you will find written examinations of psychological debates by students in our class with a professor’s note introducing you to the debate. To learn more about the pedagogical approach of the professor, click on the “Social Text” tab. Thank you for learning with us! Please feel free to comment to keep our conversation going!