Assignment # 3 (Almost at the Finish Line!!!)

Assignment # 3 — Close Reading of Ms. Marvel

For your third assignment, you will conduct a close reading of one scene (or several related scenes) from Ms. Marvel: Volume 1. This close reading should demonstrate not only an understanding of what happens in the text: it should probe deeply into the text’s form (for example: how do the images and the fonts interact with the words that are written to create meaning?), its implications, and its nuances. You can present your analysis in any of the formats listed in the Assignments section of our course blog: but remember that your close reading must be clearly demonstrated through your project and your artist statement.

Due Dates:

Wednesday, May 17th — Comment on this google doc (or directly on this blog post) with any questions, ideas, suggestions, or objections you have regarding this assignment.

Monday, May 22nd — Draft your expectations for Assignment 3 and email it to me before class. These expectations need to include: what grade you are aiming for; what specific things, according to the grading contract, you are going to do to earn that grade; how much time you are expecting to put in; what kind of effort you expect to put into your peer reviews; what kind of help you expect from me; what format you are thinking about creating your assignment in; what questions or insights reading Ms. Marvel has inspired for you so far.

Wednesday, May 24th — Pre-draft for Assignment 3 posted to the blog before class. Answer the following: What did you learn in class on Monday that impacted how you approach reading comics and/or understanding Ms. Marvel? Did it impact your choice of format for this assignment? What format are you thinking of using?  What is unique about this format that will allow you to learn more about the comic than what is expressed on the surface? What questions or concerns or excitements do you have about creating a project in this format? What is Ms. Marvel teaching you about writing so far?

Wednesday, May 31st — Rough draft for Assignment 3 posted to the blog before class. Try to have as many of your thoughts/analysis expressed in your draft as possible. Include with your draft at least 5 specific questions that you would like your peer reviewer to answer.

Monday, June 5th — Post your peer review commentary and answers as a comment to two of your classmates’ Rough Draft posts before class.

Wednesday, June 7th — Post your most recent, edited and revised project to the blog before class, along with your 600 word reflective artist’s statement.

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